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Wedgwood Gio Gold Geometric Teacup and Saucer (Arris)

Wedgwood Gio Gold Geometric Teacup and Saucer (Arris)

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Introducing the Wedgwood Gio Gold Geometric Teacup and Saucer – a modern masterpiece from the luxurious Gio Gold collection, crafted to perfection for the discerning tea enthusiast.

This set embodies the essence of contemporary chic with its clean lines and geometric patterns, accented with the timeless lustre of gold. A piece that promises to elevate your tea time into a sophisticated ritual, this teacup and saucer set is essential for those who appreciate the fusion of modern design with traditional tea-drinking elegance.


  • Strong fine bone china
  • 22-carat gold banding
  • Carefully packaged in a Wedgwood Blue gift box
  • Fashion a striking tea setting with more pieces from the Gio Gold collection, or combine with dinnerware from the Gio series for a clean, monochrome look
  • Dishwasher-safe


SKU 40014669
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Wedgwood Gio Gold Geometric Teacup and Saucer

Revel in the modern artistry of the Wedgwood Gio Gold Geometric Teacup and Saucer, a set that celebrates form and function. This duo radiates contemporary style with its sleek geometric pattern, which seamlessly integrates into the classic charm of the Wedgwood fine bone china collection.

The teacup is graced with a delicate yet striking gold geometric trim, offering a luxurious touch to your daily tea ritual. With its matching pattern, the saucer provides a perfect platform, enhancing the aesthetic pleasure of your favourite teas.

The reflective gold accents ensure that this set isn't merely a teacup and saucer but a statement of sophistication. Whether for a quiet morning or an elaborate afternoon tea, this set turns every occasion into a grand affair.

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Wedgwood Gio Gold Geometric Teacup and Saucer FAQs

What is the inspiration behind the Gio Gold Geometric design?

The Gio Gold Geometric range draws inspiration from contemporary architecture, featuring clean lines and precise gold patterning for a modern twist on the classic Wedgwood style.

Can I use the teacup and saucer set in the microwave?

Due to the real gold detailing, it is not suitable for microwave use. It's recommended to handle the set with care to preserve its beauty.

How can I best care for my Wedgwood teacup and saucer?

Hand washing with a gentle detergent is advised to keep your set in pristine condition. Avoid abrasive sponges and harsh chemicals.

Is the Wedgwood Gio Gold Geometric Teacup and Saucer set gift-boxed?

Yes, the set comes beautifully packaged in a signature Wedgwood blue gift box, making it an ideal present for any occasion.

Are there other pieces available in the Gio Gold Geometric collection?

The collection includes various coordinating pieces that allow you to build a complete and harmonious tea set.

What is the capacity of the teacup?

The teacup is designed to hold a standard serving of tea, perfect for savouring your favourite blends with every delicate sip.