Collection: Bread Knives

Check out our quality bread knives and find the perfect one for your kitchen! At Kings and Queens, we on quality and simplicity. We believe that a good bread knife should be able to slice through anything, but also look great in any kitchen. A bread knife is a serrated knife that's designed to cut through crusty loaves of bread without tearing them apart or cracking their crusts. A good bread knife can also be used on other foods with a similar texture, such as bagels, cakes and chicken wings. They're important to have in the kitchen because they help preserve your other utensils like your chef's knife from being damaged while cutting through tough food like crusty bread.

Quality is important when choosing a bread knife because it affects how long it will last and how well it will perform its job. For example, if you buy something cheap and flimsy, it could break after just one use! That's why we recommend using Richardson Sheffield or Taylors Eye Witness. These bread knives have been carefully selected by our team because they are made from high-quality materials that are designed for durability and longevity.