Collection: Glass and Crystal Decanters & Carafes

Nothing says luxury like our Glass and Crystal Decanters & Carafes. This stunning collection is the perfect way to add some class to your next gathering. Whether you're serving up a fine scotch or just want to impress your guests with an upscale cocktail, our Glass and Crystal Decanters & Carafes will be sure to make any event more elegant.

Also, if you happen to know anyone who is wondering how to decant wine like a professional, start with our Glass and Crystal Decanters & Carafes. Our flawless range of our Glass and Crystal Decanters & Carafes are carefully crafted to enhance the aromas and aesthetics of your favourite white, rose or red wines. These crystal wine decanters make a wonderful gift for any wine lover!

Crystal Decanter For Spirits

From Clay To A Crystal Decanter

The crystal decanter is a staple of the modern world. But how did this crystal glass object come to be? The history of the decanter dates back to ancient times. The word "decanter" comes from the Greek word for ten vessels, referring to its original function as a container for ten cups of wine. Decanters were used in ancient Greece and Rome, and they were also common in Europe during the Middle Ages. The first decanters were made out of clay, as you might expect from a civilization that relied on pottery for so many things. They were called kraters and were used for serving wine at parties or festivals. The krater was held in place by its handles, which allowed it to be tilted back and forth until all of the sediment had fallen into the bottom of the bowl where it could be discarded.

Tall Crystal Decanter

The Rise Of The Crystal Decanter

Over time, glass became more common than clay as a material for making decanters because it was easier to make into different shapes than clay was. Glass also allowed people to see what they were drinking much more clearly than they could with an opaque clay vessel. Also, during the introduction of wine in England in the late 17th century, drinking wine was seen as an upper-class activity. The only problem was that the corks weren't airtight, so the bottles leaked, and their contents turned sour. So rich folks needed something else besides bottles to store their wine. Enter the decanter: a glass cylinder with a long spout that allowed for easy pouring without spilling and also kept out any bacteria or other contaminants.

Coloured Crystal Decanter

More On The Rise Of The Crystal Decanter

Decanters were made from lead crystal because lead crystal could not be cut into facets like clear glass could (though some early decanters used faceted clear glass). This meant that early decanters weren't especially attractive - they were just functional vessels for storing wine or water. But then something happened: people started paying attention to how beautiful these objects were! And soon enough, they became status symbols among wealthy Europeans who wanted to show off their wealth by displaying these fancy-looking bottles on their shelves.

Glass Carafe

The Glass Carafe

A decanter is a glass vessel with a wide neck, used to hold wine and other spirits. A decanter is also sometimes known as a carafe, particularly when it is made from transparent glass. Decanters are typically made from clear glass so that the contents can be easily seen. They may have elaborate designs or patterns etched or painted on their surface, but these designs do not affect their function as containers for liquid. The decanter is one of the most ancient tools in the history of wine and spirits. It was invented in ancient Greece to separate sediment from liquids, and it has been used ever since. The design of the decanter has evolved over time, but its purpose remains the same: to remove sediment from a fermented liquid so that it can be consumed.

Drinks Cabinet item

Luxury & Good Quality

Are you looking to upgrade your drinks cabinet to the same standard as your new kitchen? We know it can be difficult to find the right items. Especially when you have to pick something that looks good and is functional at the same time. We have created this Crystal Decanters collection so that you can easily find something functional and beautiful for the drink’s cabinet. We hope that you'll all the glassware you need at Kings and Queens. However, if you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you. At Kings & Queens we are dedicated to serving our customers with the most luxurious Crystal Decanters.

Crystal Decanters for hotels

Crystal Decanters for your Hotel

We're proud to serve Hotels and B&B’s. At Kings and Queens, we know it is important that your guests are enjoying every little detail. Our Crystal Decanters are ideal for wedding venues, hotels and guest houses. We have a range of designs that will complement your bar or restaurant area. This will give your guests the image you want them to have - sophistication shown through glassware. People remember the small details and will likely tell their friends or add this in the review on your business. It may not say ‘we loved the Waterford Marquis Maxwell Decanter Crystal Glass’ but it may mention lovely decoration and dining atmosphere.

Whisky Crystal Decanter Set

A Crystal Decanter for your drinking buddy

Do you have a special someone who enjoys having a glass or two with you? Our crystal decanters might be the perfect way to make them special on their big day! This type of gift is long lasting and will forever remind them of the good times with you. Crystal Decanters are both practical and beautiful to look at. This present is sure to bring a smile to your friend or loved one as they open the drinks cabinet. If you are concerned, they already have decanters, don’t worry you can own more than one and still be happy! If you're looking for adult gifts and you are struggling, we may have exactly what you need.

Black Crystal Decanter

Would your Grandpa like a new Crystal Decanter?

If your grandpa lights up your life then maybe you could show your appreciation with a unique gift. Grandpas have lived through different eras and seen a lot of changes. They often love reminiscing with you about the past and also toasting on the precious moments. They deserve a gift that shows how much you appreciate them. If you're looking for a special something, you have come to the right place. Our Crystal Decanters and Carafes are truly stunning just as an ornament, never mind the practicality. With an extensive range, you are sure to add your own unique style to their drinks cabinet and pick something different for them.