Collection: Nakiri & Vegetable Knives

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A Nakiri knife, sometimes called a vegetable knife, is a versatile knife that can be used to chop, slice and dice vegetables. It's also useful for cutting fruits, boneless meats and fish. The blade of a Nakiri knife is relatively thin with a straight edge. Nakiri knives are often used in Japanese cooking to prepare sashimi, vegetables and sushi rolls. They're also sometimes called Japanese vegetable knives or Japanese vegetable cleavers because of their wide use in preparing vegetables. If you love to cook but don't have much space for a huge collection of knives, then you'll love the simplicity and versatility of a Nakiri knife. This knife can handle all sorts of tasks like chopping vegetables and boneless meats into uniform pieces or slicing through firm fruits like apples and pears. It can also be used for cutting sushi rolls into bite-sized pieces or dicing up fresh herbs for your next salad recipe. You can even use it as an all-purpose tool for opening packages!