Collection: Highball & Tumbler Glasses

A highball glass is a glass tumbler which is used to serve ‘long’ or ‘tall’ drinks such as cocktails and other alcoholic drinks that use a large portion of non-alcoholic mixer, such as the Gin & Tonic. These glasses are designed to hold ice and offer a really transform an alcoholic drink into an experience. Across the pond in the states, these glasses can also be known as Collins Glasses. At Kings & Queens we are proud to stock a wide range of luxury highball glasses form the world’s leading glass and crystal ware brands. Brands within the range include DartingtonDornbergerGalway Crystal and Royal Brierley. One of my favourites within the range is the Dartington Bar Excellence Gin & Tonic Highball. Supplied in pairs these glasses make a gin and tonic both look, taste and feel great.
To help you make your Highball selection we have grouped all our most popular Highballs together.