Collection: Dinner Sets

At the table, dinner sets and dinnerware is the first thing to hit yours and your guests eye, so choosing the right dinner set is more important than you may think. To this end there are a number of considerations to make. If you are choosing an everyday dinner set, you need to choose a set which is hard wearing, and will stand up to the chips and clunks it goes through day to day. If you are looking for something more special, consider the shape of the plates and also the patterns that you would like on your dinner set. At Kings & Queens, we stock and supply a wide range of dinner sets, heavily discounted from the world’s leading dinnerware suppliers. Brands within the range include Denby, Royal Doulton, Jamie Oliver, Wedgwood and Ted Baker. As always, if you have any questions about these ranges – just get in touch.
To help you make your Dinner Set selection we have grouped all our most popular Dinner Sets together.