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Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl (Arris)

Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl (Arris)

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The Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl (Arris) is a harmonious blend of intricate design and timeless charm. Its geometric pattern, delicately rimmed with gold, creates a visual masterpiece that will elevate your dining experience.

The pristine white background provides a canvas for the striking gold accents, making every meal a work of art. This bowl is more than tableware; it symbolises Wedgwood's enduring legacy and commitment to excellence.


  • Crafted by one of the world's most renowned brands, this bowl represents the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship.
  • It belongs to the distinguished Gio Gold collection, allowing you to complete your set or mix and match with other Wedgwood collections for a personalised look.
  • Crafted from the finest bone china, this bowl looks stunning and boasts superior strength and durability.
  • The intricate geometric pattern adds depth and character, making this bowl a conversation piece.
  • Each Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl is lovingly packaged in a beautiful Wedgwood presentation box, ensuring it arrives in style.
  • This bowl is dishwasher safe, allowing you to enjoy its beauty without the hassle.


















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Wedgwood gio gold high class bowl

Elevate Your Dining Experience with the Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl 

Welcome to a world where dining becomes an art form, and every meal celebrates taste and aesthetics. The Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl (formally Arris) is more than just a piece of tableware; it's a testament to luxury and sophistication. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bowl is a shining star in the illustrious Gio Gold collection by Wedgwood. As you delve into its exquisite design and unparalleled craftsmanship, you'll discover why it's the perfect choice for elevating your dining experience to new heights.

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Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl FAQs

Is the Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze after your exquisite dining experience.

What is the primary material used in this bowl?

This bowl is crafted from fine bone china, known for its exceptional strength and timeless beauty.

Can I mix and match this bowl with other Wedgwood collections?

Absolutely! The Gio Gold Bowl is part of the Gio Gold collection but can be effortlessly mixed and matched with other Wedgwood collections to create your unique table setting.

Is this bowl suitable for everyday use?

While it adds a touch of luxury to special occasions, the Gio Gold Bowl is also perfect for everyday dining, combining style and practicality.

How is the gold pattern applied to the bowl?

The intricate gold pattern on the Wedgwood Gio Gold Bowl is carefully hand-painted to ensure precision and lasting beauty.

What makes this bowl stand out in the Gio Gold collection?

The Gio Gold Bowl showcases a stunning geometric pattern and delicate gold rim, making it a standout piece in the collection and a valid symbol of sophistication and modernity.