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Wedgwood Gio Gold Teapot (Arris)

Wedgwood Gio Gold Teapot (Arris)

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Introducing the Wedgwood Gio Gold Teapot, a masterpiece of sophistication and functionality. Gone are the days of ordinary teapots; this elegant piece redefines modern tea service with its timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship.


  • Strong fine bone china
  • 22-carat gold banding
  • Carefully packaged in a Wedgwood Blue gift box
  • Mix and match with other items from the Gio Gold range, or fashion a sophisticated collection by adding select pieces from the plain white Gio collection
  • Oven-safe and dishwasher-safe


SKU 40007547
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Elevate your tea experience with the Wedgwood Gio Gold teapot

Crafted from the finest bone china, the Wedgwood Gio Gold Teapot boasts a captivating geometric pattern delicately adorned with 22-carat gold accents. Its graceful silhouette and gilded touches make it an actual work of art, adding an air of luxury to any tea party gathering.

Whether hosting a pleasant evening, enjoying an afternoon tea, or simply savouring a quiet moment with a friend, this teapot elevates every tea experience. Its ergonomic handle and precisely designed spout ensure effortless pouring. At the same time, the generous capacity caters to both intimate gatherings and more significant occasions.

The Wedgwood Gio Gold Teapot is not only a functional marvel but also the best gift choice. Share the joy of tea with loved ones, or bring elegance to your tea rituals. Its beauty and quality ensure it will be cherished for generations to come.

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Wedgwood Gio Gold Tea Pots FAQs

What is the capacity of the teapot?

The Gio Gold Teapot has a generous capacity, making it suitable for small gatherings and larger events.

Can I use this teapot for loose-leaf tea as well as tea bags?

Absolutely! The teapot is versatile and can accommodate both loose-leaf tea and tea bags.

Is the gold pattern prone to fading or wear over time?

The 22-carat gold accents on the teapot are designed to maintain their beauty over time with proper care.

Does the teapot come with a matching lid?

Yes, the Gio Gold Teapot comes with a coordinating lid that fits securely, ensuring a seamless tea-pouring experience.

Can I pair this teapot with other items from the Gio Gold collection?

Yes, you can mix and match the Gio Gold Teapot with other pieces from the collection to create a coordinated tea set.

Is the packaging suitable for gifting?

Yes, the Wedgwood Gio Gold Teapot is thoughtfully packaged, making it an ideal gift choice for tea lovers.