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Galway Crystal

Galway Living Gin And Tonic Lemon And Lime

Galway Living Gin And Tonic Lemon And Lime

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The Balloon Gin glass, a favorite among Gin enthusiasts, features a large, rounded body. Our Lemon & Lime variation offers the perfect gin-drinking experience with its wide brim that enhances the aroma and a spacious bowl that can accommodate plenty of ice, keeping your drink refreshingly chilled. The tall, slim stems in bright lemon & lime prevent your hands from melting the ice while adding a touch of color. As a bonus, the generous size of the glass allows for ample garnish, not only adding flavor to your G&T but also making it visually appealing. For those who love gin, this is the perfect glass.

  • Comes as a set of 2 
  • One Glass has a yellow stem and the other has a green stem
  • Comes in Galway Gift Box
  • Measures - 11cmW x 23cmH
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