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Beautifully balanced and elegantly understated Allegorie Crystal from Villeroy & Boch is made for enjoyment. Whether in a traditional or contemporary setting, casual or formal the simple design of this quality crystal glassware never looks out of place. Full bowls and slender stems ensure that not only do they look good, but they have also been designed to ensure the maximum enjoyment of your favourite tipple.

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Villeroy & Boch's American Bar fuses quality with special shaping that takes account both the different characters of each whisky and the different rituals for enjoying them. The modern design of the American Bar line has includes strikingly tall shapes that flair all the way out to the mouth, making it easier to add ice cubes or make long drinks and cocktails in them.

The Villeroy & Boch Artesano Original Glass collection features crystal glass with an impressive faceted effect. The timeless design blends in perfectly with the rest of the Artesano collection while boasting a casual yet elegant overall look. With two sizes of wine glass and tumbler the Artesano Glass Collection is perfect to serve any drink your guests require.

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Villeroy and Boch's Basic Glass range is anything but Basic. Formally Known as Destination Bar, It is simple, informal and perfect for entertaining. Ideal for shorts, long drinks, juices and sodas, this range is ideal for barbeques and lazy summer afternoons. The crystal glass is uncut but in perfect dimensions to make using the Basic range a pleasure, what ever you choose to put in them.

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Rounded panel thumbprint cuts adorn the bowl of this shortened glassware. With a cut finial in the stem of the glass this is an attractive and very versatile collection. It easily coordinates with formal or casual dinnerware pattern. Made of leaded crystal, Bernadetto is dishwasher safe and durable enough to use every day.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Boston Crystal
Boston displays a traditional, all over diamond cut, arranged like honeycomb, which extends over the entire surface, giving rise to an uncomplicated rustic appearance. Available as clear glass or coloured, the range is made from crystal and is dishwasher safe making it durable enough to use every day.

These Villeroy & Boch Candelabra will add glamour and elegance to any dinner table or room in the house. The fine crystal glass refracts and amplifies the flickering light from the candles which is guaranteed to lighten the darkest corner. The solid construction and stable base ensures that the candelabra is safe and secure where ever you choose to display it.

Villeroy & Boch's Charleston Crystal suite offers 1920s glamour with 21st century styling. Based on Villeroy and Boch's Boston Collection, Charleston combines elegant faceted bowls with beautifully cut bases. Short rounded stems, with diamond cut detailing, add to the tactile beauty of the stemware. Charleston looks at home on any set table and is perfect for entertaining in either a formal or casual setting.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Colour Concept
With its harmonious and fashionable colour range of rich, warm and cool, fresh tones, Colour Concept caters for versatile individuality, providing something for every taste, occasion and time of year. The coloured glass is handmade using a traditional interior overlay technique that produces particularly strong intensive colours. Colour Concept can be combined with many of the Villeroy & Boch dinnerware collections to create atmospheric and seasonably colourful table-settings.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Decanters
The finest wines should be served from the finest decanters and Villeroy & Boch have created a collection of Decanters to suit every taste, every drink and every style. From broad bottom ships decanters to traditional spirit decanters, each is designed to enhance your enjoyment and compliment your favourite tipple.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Entree Crystal
Villeroy & Boch's Entrée, formally known as Destination Wine, brings you the luxury of crystal glass at everyday prices. These collection includes a complete range of glasses for all occasions in simple, elegant shapes. From wine to champagne, spirits to soft drinks all tastes are catered for with simple forms making this collections perfect for any entertaining experience.

Villeroy & Boch's Grand Royal Collection offers luxurious cut crystal which will add glamour to any dining table. Each glass is expertly cut from the base of the bowl to half way up the glass and is guaranteed to sparkle and shimmer as it refracts the light along its linear diamond grooves. Grand Royal offers a complete suite of drinking glasses ready to serve everything from Champagne to Water. Add another layer of luxury with Grand Royal Gold and Platinum, where each glass is stylishly decorated with either a gold or platinum rim.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Jugs
The Villeroy & Boch Jug Collection makes sure you have the right jug for any occasion. Whether it's long cold lemonade served from a Boston jug on a summer’s day or the more sophisticated Allegories jugs for just the right amount of water for your whisky, this extensive collection is sure to include the perfect piece.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch La Divina
Villeroy and Boch's La Divina impresses with a timeless-simple design and is a collection which is perfect for every occasion. The eye catching trapeze-like shape of the glasses brings a mixture of classic and modern style to your table. Whether you serve red wine, white wine, Champagne, Bordeaux, Pinot, beer, spirits or soft drinks it doesn't matter, there's something for every taste.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Maxima
The Maxima collection by Villeroy and Boch, as its name suggests, consists of generously-sized wine glasses which beautifully accessorize any china pattern. Available in 2 styles, Maxima which presents a clean line with no decoration and Maxima Spiral which is decorated with a spiral from the base of the bowl.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Miss Desiree Crystal
The laurel leaf design in combination with the panel cuts in the Miss Desiree Collection adds sparkle and complements so many dinnerware patterns in the Villeroy & Boch tableware collection. The faceted cuts on the stem are enhanced by a cut ball design. The weight and feel of this full lead crystal glassware lends itself to casual entertaining or more formal occasions. The thickness of the glass adds to its durability and is also dishwasher safe.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Octavie Crystal
Villeroy & Boch's Octavie is an elegant range of crystal stemware and accessories named after Octavie Villeroy, whose marriage to Eugen Boch sealed the family ties in 1842. With a compressed ball of diamond points on the base of the stem bowl, light reflects the beauty and elegance of this sophisticated Collection.

Villeroy & Boch Ovid Collection offers the perfect glass for any occasion. Whether relaxing at home, entertaining friends or throwing a formal dinner party, Ovid never fails to impress with its timeless, simple design. Supplied in useful packs of 4, Ovid is made from Crystal Glass and is dishwasher safe.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Purismo Crystal
Developed in partnership with the leading European sommeliers Villeroy & Boch's Purismo lets you enjoy wines to the fullest while bringing out the full bouquet and flavours. This classic crystal collection stands out for its timeless design and it will complement any occasion. The Purismo range is as simple as it is versatile. It offers the perfect experience for the wine lover, but at the same time it simplifies the complexity of wine glass choices to the less experienced wine drinker.

The Villeroy & Boch Quartett Candlestick Collection is full of Art Deco style. With Square bases and stems the 24% lead crystal has been designed to amplify and enhance the shimmering light of the candle. Available in 3 sizes, the Quartett Candlesticks look amazing grouped together either as a focal point to your table setting or used to brighten even the darkest corner of your home.

Shop for Villeroy & Boch Scotch Whisky Crystal
Villeroy & Boch's Scotch Whisky range, intended for particularly fine whiskies, is a classic design with a variety of shapes and sizes. For single malts and single grains, a wide base and a narrow mouth have been developed. For blended scotch, a straight, cylindrical shape has been designed. This collection is perfect for the whisky connoisseur.

Villeroy and Boch Crystal & Glass

Villeroy & Boch Crystal and Glass is the perfect choice for both entertaining and relaxing at home. From classical shapes to retro chic, Villeroy & Boch has the perfect collection. Allegorie, a beautifully balanced, elegant suite of glasses with full bowls and slender stems will enhance any table setting and deliver everything you need to impress your guests. Add additional form to the traditional rounded bowls with La Divina, with eye-catching trapeze shaped glasses which effortlessly combine the modern and traditional. The classic Purismo Crystal Collection is another undecorated range, but Purismo is all about the wine. A perfect range for the wine enthusiast, each glass has been designed in partnership with leading European Sommeliers to create the perfect glass to enjoy individual wines. For great functionality at affordable prices Basic and Entrée offer crystal glass perfect for entertaining with a collection of both bar and stem ware. If you prefer a cut crystal glass but want an original or contemporary feel Villeroy & Boch can offer some stunning options. Octavie incorporates a compressed diamond point cut ball of crystal at the top of the stem or as a base to tumblers. Discrete, tactile and beautiful, the clear bowls of Octavie allows the wine to shine, while the diamond cuts make sure the glass does too. Maxima offers both decorated, Maxima Swirl, and undecorated glassware. Generous bowl sizes and clean lines makes this a great glass for relaxing with friends. The retro shapes of Bernadotte and Miss Desiree are decorated with cut panels or Laurel leaf detailing on shorter decorated stems. These collections look great anywhere and are perfect to combine with many of Villeroy and Boch’s stunning tableware. To add a splash of colour to your table the sumptuous colours of Boston will help to create the right ambiance. Decorated with a traditional honeycomb of diamond cuts, choose the deep red glasses for drama or subtle blue to create a relaxed atmosphere or fresh green for Alfresco dining. For softer colours New Cottage has delicately coloured stems in rose or green. Organic shapes and generous bowls make New Cottage a firm favourite. Mix and match the subtle colours with the clear range to create a collection which reflects your tastes. Colour Concept is a fun range ideal for parties and barbeques. The highball tumblers, perfect for punches and soft drinks, are available in 8 amazing colours as are the smaller short tumblers. Coordinate with platters and bowls to create a fashionable look which is sure to impress. For the Whisky connoisseur Villeroy and Boch have created several collections of barware which concentrate on ensuring you have the correct glass specifically designed to enjoy the spirit. The Scotch Whisky range of crystal tumblers offers glasses for either single malt or blended whiskeys, where every detail has been considered so that each glass offers the perfect experience. If you favour an American Bourbon, then American Bar has had the same detailed styling applied to the design of the glassware to ensure that whether you enjoy a shot, Bourbon Cocktail or just straight up, each glass will make that pleasure even better. For a tumbler with a little cut crystal detailing Ardmore Club features a traditional sectioned cut glass design, Ardmore club is ideal for spirits and soft drinks alike. To serve your drinks Villeroy & Boch offer a selection of Crystal Decanters and Jugs which are ideal for wines, spirits and soft drinks. New for 2016 sees two stemware suites, colourful tumblers and crystal candlesticks. Grand Royal is a cut crystal suite of glasses from Villeroy & Boch in a more traditional design. Grand Royal is perfect for formal dining occasions where the brilliance of Villeroy & Boch Crystal gets to show off its shine. To add some 1920s glamour with 21st century style Charleston offers a complete range of glasses perfect for raising a toast and ideal to combine with Villeroy & Boch tableware to create that retro feel. Relax with a glass of your favourite tipple enjoyed in the colourful Dressed Up collection. Four on trend colours and designs make these tumblers a stylish addition to your glass collection. To brighten up the darkest corner of your home or add a focal point to your table Villeroy & Boch have introduced two ranges of candlesticks. Both My Garden Candlesticks and Quartett Candlesticks are available in a variety of sizes. Whatever the occasion, whoever the guests are, and whatever you are serving, Villeroy & Boch Crystal and Glass will allow you to do it in style.

Villeroy and Boch have added two new exciting colours to the ever popular Boston range of glassware. Enjoy a pink champagne in the new Rose Champagne glass or kick back in the evening with a fine malt in the new smoke tumbler. Mix and match the 5 colour options to fit your mood or occasion or collect your favourite colour to suit your home and taste. As well as new colour options in Boston Villeroy & Boch have also added some on-trend colour options to Colour Concept. The Lush Green of Lagoon complements the soft hue of the new Lavender option. Each new colour is available across the range from the dramatic Lagoon Platter to the subtle Lavender highball. Add drama and colour to everyday with the new options in both Boston and Colour Concept. The very popular Purismo range has been extended to include a new Bar selection. Serve your most wicked cocktails in the Purisimo Bar Martini/Cocktail Glass or opt for a more exotic option served in the new Exotic Cocktail Glass. All glasses in the Purisimo Bar Collection are supplied in pairs and supplied in a Villeroy & Boch box.

To add a touch of extra luxury to entertaining, Villeroy & Boch have launched two variations in the Grand Royal Collection, Grand Royal Platinum and Grand Royal Gold. These beautiful cut crystal glasses have had a subtle band of platinum or gold to the rim. Toast a special occasion with the Grand Royal Platinum Champagne Flute or serve your favourite wine to your guests in the Grand Royal Gold Red Wine Glass. What ever the occasion, whoever the guests, you can never have too much luxury.

The NEW range of Ovid Glassware comes in convenient packs of 4 allowing you to grow your collection easily and to your requirements. With two sizes of wine glass for Red and White, a Champagne Flute for special occasions and a handy multi-purpose tumbler there is everything you need for a great evenings entertainment. The timeless, elegant design of Ovid means it never looks out of place and makes a wonderful wedding or house warming gift.

Artesano Original Glassware is the perfect accompaniment to Artesano tableware. This casual but elegant range from Villeroy & Boch is faceted with vertical ridges to create a tactile and eye catching Collection. Comprising of two size Goblets and two sizes of tumbler, this compact range is sophisticated enough for entertaining and robust enough for everyday use.

The finishing touches to any table make all the difference. There is something unmistakably elegant about candlelight but often candleholders can take up too much room or threaten to be unstable. The NEW Candelabra from Villeroy & Boch solve these problems. Forget old fashioned candelabra, Villeroy & Boch have created a weighty, stable and contemporary design. Whether the 2 arm candelabra for a cosy meal for two or the stunning 5 arm candelabra for fine dining, these candelabra reflect and refract the light for a truly impressive statement.

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