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Waterford Crystal is stunning and available right here at Kings and Queens at competitive prices. Take a look at some of the fabulous collections and place an order online. You will notice that each product has a dedicated manufacturers price associated with it. Underneath this customers will find our price, notably discounted. Spend some time browsing, taking in Waterford Crystal Lace, Mixology, Waterford Sculptures and more.

Named after the city of Waterford in Ireland, the brand’s origins date back as far as 1783 and continue to sell across the United Kingdom to avid individuals with love for the products.

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Waterford Crystal Ardan
Taken from the Irish word meaning 'high aspiration', Waterford Ardan is a collection of barware, stemware and gift compilation that has its roots in modernity of design and function. The collection is designed to be used every day, as well as for more dressy and stylish occasions, and features impeccable attention to detail. Two new patterns - Enis and Mara - can be mixed and matched and complement each other beautifully,

Waterford Crystal Ardan Tonn
The Waterford Ardan Tonn collection includes a selection of glass vases, pitchers, bowls and stemware to offer a wide selection of glassware. Made from Lead Crystal, the Ardan Tonn range contains three patterns across the selection, in order to create designs that best display your chosen item or drink of choice. All item from the Ardan Tonn Collection will fit into any home setting or can be give as the ideal gift for a friend or loved one.

Waterford Crystal Christmas 2020
The Waterford Christmas Collection offers a selection of Ornaments and Glassware to complete the perfect Christmas this holiday season. The range consists of items that will ideal for placing around the home and impressing guests this Christmas. Any of the items from the selection can be the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Waterford Crystal Clarendon
The Waterford Crystal Clarendon collection is based on the hugely popular Colleen Collection. It combines the rich heritage of the past with the colourful present. Available in Red, Green and Blue designs, the rich colour of the collection has a luxury and intensity that is made to be noticed and admired.

Waterford Crystal Copper Coast
The Waterford Copper Coast collection introduces various designs of cut glass Bowls and Vases. The Copper Coast collection is intended to best highlight the superior quality of Waterford Crystal and use light to display the chosen items inside. Made from Crystal, the cut glass creates an elegant and stylish design that shimmers in the light.

Waterford Crystal Diamond Line
A celebration of light and sparkle, the Waterford Diamond Line collection will illuminate every space in the home with its clear brilliance and upward scattering of light. Inspired by the original Waterford Caro cutting, flared shapes and a special cut border design showcase this beautiful intricate pattern. The Diamond Line collection is perfect as stand-alone pieces, but can also layer beautifully with existing Waterford collections to create a modern meets classic finish.

Waterford Crystal Dungarvan & Wave
With modern intersecting cuts and linear chevrons to its crystal design, the Dungarvan pattern brings a classic 1950’s aesthetic into a contemporary setting for sophisticated entertaining. A pattern originally created by a legendary Waterford designer and based upon the architectural forms of Dungarvan Castle, this newly-inspired design is a rejuvenated style for a new generation of hosting. Or choose Wave with Fine diamond cuts with striking diagonal flares will add stylish drama to your home, The sophisticated simplicity of Wave is enhanced by the enticing design and sleek silhouette that will bring a touch of dazzling sparkle to special occasions, causal evening dinners or nights entertaining guests.

Waterford Crystal Elegance Collection
The Elegance collection from Waterford is exquisitely made from lead-free crystal. Each glass is expertly sculpted into a shape specially designed to enhance the flavour of the drink it holds. For as long as there has been wine to taste, wine tasting has been regarded as both art and science. Appearance, taste and finish all contribute to the complexity, character and enjoyment of any vintage.

Waterford Crystal Fleurology Collection
Jeff Leatham's designs for Waterford Fleurology represent the latest in a celebration of fine crystal and floral artistry. Each piece is inspired by Jeff's provocative juxtaposition of shapes, angles and geometric precision using nature's creations. The dazzling crystal cutting leads the eye on a grand tour of diamond and vertical strokes of artistic excellence.

Waterford Crystal Giftology Collection
The Giftology collection features Waterford's best crystal gifts in compelling gift boxes designed in 5 different eye-catching colour schemes with opulent gold touches. Giftology, the science of gift giving in a fast paced world, is the perfect solution when you are looking for a luxury gift for someone special.

Waterford Crystal Gin Journey
The Waterford Gin Journey collection offers a wide range of cut glass to best suit your drink of choice. The Gin Journey range includes a selection of Gin Balloon glasses and Hi Ball glasses in various designs. The designs have been created to best react to surrounding light in order to add to the setting you choose to place the glass in. Made from Lead Crystal, the cut glass creates an elegant and stylish design that shimmers in the light.

Waterford Crystal Heritage Collection
The Heritage Collection from Waterford Crystal is the perfect place to find that special gift or beautiful focal point for your home. From Vases to Bowls, Clocks to Candlesticks there is always the right piece, whatever the occasion.

Waterford Crystal House of Waterford Collection
The House of Waterford Showcases the very best in Waterford Crystal. House of Waterford includes the Flora and Fauna, Tom Brennan, Matt Kehoe, Dungarvan, Wild Atlantic and Clare Collections. With many pieces Limited Edition, the House of Waterford is a collectors dream producing many pieces destined to be the heirlooms of the future. All House of Waterford pieces are supplied in a Waterford Crystal Gift Box.

Waterford Crystal Irish Dogs Barware
The Waterford Irish Dogs Barware collection offers a range of Decanters, Tumblers and Drinking sets. Made from Lead Crystal, the Irish Dogs Barware collection includes glassware that is elegant and stylish, while retaining character. The range is inspired by the decretive dog stoppers that mount the decanters. The Irish Dogs used in the range are the Irish Wolfhound, Irish Terrier and the Kerry Beagle.

Waterford Crystal Irish Heritage Collection
A Nation’s Symbols are often at the heart of its identity and with Irish Heritage Waterford Crystal offers some if Irelands most iconic images in beautifully cut fine Crystal.

Waterford Crystal Irish Lace Collection
Delicately woven with fine crystal cuts, the Irish Lace collection is a sparkling celebration of an artistic tradition. This collection was inspired by the centuries old craft of Lace-making that was once so popular in Ireland. The highly detailed cuts of the crystal reflect the patterns found on Lace pieces. Available as Stemware, Vases and Bowls.

Waterford Crystal Jeff Leatham
The Waterford Jeff Leatham collection introduces varying styles of glassware, from cut glass vases to purple bowls and vases. The Jeff Leatham collection is intended to best highlight the superior quality of Waterford Crystal and use light to display the chosen items inside. Made from Crystal, the cut glass creates an elegant and stylish design that shimmers in the light.

Waterford Jo Sampson Elysian
Jo Sampson's Elysian collection for Waterford is the ultimate in luxury and elegance for home entertaining. With a distinct nod to old world opulence whilst embracing a modern aesthetic. The diverse collection invites the collection of a personalised drinking experience, with interplay between proportion, weight and size, and subtle differences between the clear and amethyst crystal.

Waterford Crystal Jo Sampson Half and Half
Waterford Jo Sampson Half & Half is a bold and eclectic collection which cleverly combines coloured and clear crystal in pieces that are both decorative and functional. Inspired by colour-blocking, Half & Half is centred on contemporary shapes and statement colours which create the collection’s industrial feel. Perfect for bright, modern spaces, the range is scaled differently to create a varied tablescape with different colours and forms, allowing you to create your own bespoke look.

Shop for Waterford Crystal Jo Sampson London
Jo Sampson's London collection for Waterford was inspired, quite simply by the London skyline at night. For this dazzling collection of crystal drinking glasses, office and desk accessories, Sampson chose a simple grid crystal pattern. Jo Sampson London features clean, contemporized simplicity which has a stunning interplay with light. All items in the London Collection is supplied in an attractive Gift Box.

Waterford Crystal Lighting
Waterford Crystal has been casting its light over our world for centuries. Waterford Crystal chandeliers look down on parliaments, palaces, sumptuous hotels and cathedrals. Whether it is a specially commissioned chandelier exquisite in every way, or a simple table lamp - Waterford Crystal has a special way with light. Waterford Crystal takes light and amplifies its every facet so that it shines more perfectly, more expressively than ever before.

Waterford Crystal Lismore
The classically elegant design of the Waterford Lismore Collection, one of the most well-known and popular crystal stemware patterns in the world, has been dazzling crystal connoisseurs for generations with its classic crosshatch design. Available in an extensive range of sizes and types, Lismore offers the most complete suite for all occasions.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Black
The Waterford Lismore Black collection is a fusion of technology and tradition. Rich opaque black colour infuses drama into Lismore, creating a glamourous take on the universally loved classic. Fresh, modern and exciting, the striking contrast of black on clear crystal helps emphasise deep cuts and striking silhouettes. Lismore Black glasses are supplied in pairs in Waterford Gift Boxes.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Connoisseur
Premium quality spirits and beers can only be fully and truly appreciated when experienced in the proper glass. Varietal specific stemware and barware is always a hallmark of elegant entertaining and good taste. The Waterford Lismore Connoisseur series is a crowning achievement of crystal craftsmanship and the pinnacle of elite fine whisky and beer enjoyment. With a selection of tumblers, beer glasses and decanters, even the most knowledgeable connoisseur will be satisfied.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Giftware
Having recently marked its 50th Anniversary, the Lismore collection by Waterford is a cause for celebration in its own right. With a wide variety of beautifully crafted Waterford Lismore Crystal Vases, Bowls and Giftware to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect piece.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Cobalt & Red
Waterford Crystal Classic Lismore Cobalt & Red unites classic Lismore design with opulent cased cobalt or Red crystal. The traditional Lismore pattern features wide diamonds at the bottom with straight upright cuts extending from different levels of the diamond band. Wrapped in a deep cobalt blue or Classic Red, the light refraction from this much loved pattern is stunning.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence
Exquisite and statuesque, the Lismore Essence Collection by Waterford Crystal is a stunning update of the world famous Waterford Lismore crystal collection. Incorporating the classic Lismore collection's distinctive diamond and wedge cut crosshatch pattern in a fresh, slender shape, the Waterford Lismore Essence stemware collection features an oversized bow and a thinner stem.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence Giftware
Lismore Essence is a pattern featuring the signature Lismore cuts on a gracefully curving body. It features the signature open diamond and wedge cuts. Great to mix with your current Lismore pattern too. Here the sophisticated design is available on a selection of giftware.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Pops
Lismore Pops features the brilliance and clarity of the classic Lismore pattern with a dramatic pop of exciting colour. Available in five striking colours – purple, emerald, aqua, orange and hot pink…collect them all for an eye-catching display with your favourite champagne. Fusing a classic heritage pattern with bold coloured accents ensures that this beautiful stemmed drinkware remains a provocative and alluring conversation piece.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Reflections
The Waterford Lismore Reflections range offers a selection of Vases, Bowls and Lamps. Lismore Reflections are made from Crystal glass, with a cut glass design and a bold gold rim. The introduction of the bold gold band is inteneded to add a modern twist to the classic Waterford crystal design. The range combines the classical Lismore design into display items that can suit any room or setting.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Short Stories
Recreating the DNA of the classic Lismore pattern, the Lismore Short Stories collection is a modern reinterpretation of this renowned design. Encompassing two sets of unique mixed tumblers - 'Evolution' and 'Revolution', these designs play with the classic weight and feel of whisky tumblers. Evolution shows the history of how the Lismore pattern has evolved from the first iconic design, Revolution twists and deconstructs the Lismore pattern in four different ways to create a new and exciting way to look at Lismore.

Waterford CrystalLove Flutes
With spectacular cutting Waterford Crystal Love Flutes celebrate some of life's most memorable moments. Weddings, Anniversaries and True Love are all celebrated by these stunning pairs of flutes. Presented in a beautiful Waterford Crystal Gift Box, these flutes make the perfect gift which will be treasured for years to come. The collection also includes a fantastic gift set which includes a photo frame to capture that special moment.

Waterford Crystal Marquis Caprice Collection
Marquis have gone back to it's roots and created a new collection of traditional shaped giftware in the best selling stemware pattern, Caprice. The range of four items utilises classic shapes such as footed bowls, vases and bottle coaster. The Caprice Collection from Marquis by Waterford is bold and dynamic, defined by sparkling wedge and leaf cuts that highlight the brilliant clarity of fine crystal.

Waterford Crystal Marquis Crosby Collection
Marquis Crosby barware features a modern geometric grid cut pattern which sets the stage for fun and enjoyment. Unquestionably contemporary, Crosby celebrates the unmistakeable shimmer of crystal with a cut that captures and refracts light to give that trademark sparkle which sets Waterford apart from all other crystal. With both sets of glasses and essential barware accessories, Crosby is the perfect collection for the modern home.

Waterford Crystal Marquis Harper & Addison Collection
Waterford Marquis Harper and Addison combine classic horizontal and vertical patterns with traditional wedgcutting and contemporary style and design to create two collections which are on trend. Discrete cutting to the base of the bowl combined with sleek profiles and the unmistakable sparkle of Waterford makes these ideal for any home or a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries and special occasions..

Waterford Crystal Marquis Maxwell Collection
The Waterford Marquis Maxwell offer a range of glassware items. Any of the items from the collection can be given as the perfect gift to a friend or loved one. Made from Lead Crystal in order for the light the crystal-clear nature of the glass to reflect and refract the light.

Waterford Crystal Marquis Phoenix Collection
A bold statement with its striking forms, the Marquis Phoenix collection will add sparkling grandeur to any home and would make the perfect crystal gift. Bold, deep cutting techniques in a flared formation imitate the powerful wing span of the mythical phoenix bird for statement focal point in any room. Impress with the gift of Marquis Phoenix and the expert craftsmanship of Waterford.

Waterford Crystal Marquis Rainfall
Rainfall Vases is part of the Marquis Collection from Waterford Crystal and features a transitional design of heavy vertical cuts suggesting a cascade of cleansing spring rain drops. Rainfall fits perfectly into today's relaxed sophistication, with a touch of warmth and hospitality. Created for a generation that appreciates affordable elegance, functionality and design.

Waterford Crystal Marquis Sheridan
Sheridan is part of the Marquis Collection from Waterford crystal. The pattern of wide, wedge cuts alternating with long upright cuts creates a look that's both exciting and elegant. Sheridan mixes traditional refinement with contemporary appeal.

Waterford Crystal Marquis Versa
Waterford Marquis Versa sports a contemporary approach to classic crystal and represents a fresh entertaining and home décor story. With a cutting pattern of diagonally alternating wedge-cut panels traversing each piece it creates a perfect "vice-versa" execution. Available as both Barware and Home decor pieces.

Waterford Crystal Marquis Vintage
When Less is more then the Marquis Vintage Collection from Waterford Crystal offers simple lines full of vintage style. The purity of the crystal and sleek, simple profiles of this elegant collection ensures that any occasion will be graced with a chic sophistication.

Waterford Crystal Mastercraft Powerscourt

Waterford Crystal Medforde
The Waterford Medforde offers a selection of Crystal glass display-ware. Made from Crystal glass, the Medforde collection combines the classic styles of waterford with a modern twist. Any item from the range will be ideal to place around the home. A friend or loved one would be deligted to recieve an item from the Medforde as a gift to complete their home.

Waterford Crystal Mixology
Waterford Mixology innovates on the science of entertaining by offering striking new shapes combined with classic Waterford cuts and vibrant coloured crystal drinkware and serveware. Waterford Mixology stemware and barware makes the perfect gift for any occasion or is a unique opportunity by mixing and matching to create your own collection which reflects your individual taste.

Waterford Crystal Monique L'Huillier My Favourite Things Collection
When the occasion calls for a little something with a lot of impact, look no further than the Monique Lhuillier - My Favourite Things Collection. The designer's inspired collection of Waterford Crystal giftware hits the mark on style and sophistication. Selecting from her most beloved patterns, Sunday Rose, Lily of the Valley, Atelier and Opulence, Monique has created a selection of gifts for any occasion in signature packaging.

Waterford Crystal Museum Collection
The Museum Collection replicates a number of the original Waterford Crystal pieces that reside in the National Museum of Ireland, in the intricately cut style of the early years of Waterford. Dating back to the 18th century, they represent the pinnacle of the Master Craftsman's art.

Waterford Crystal Northbrooke

Waterford Crystal Occasions
Waterford Crystal presents a series of precious pieces that have an intrinsic beauty. For the collector, they serve as a diary of special moments. For those wishing to celebrate a particular event - a Wedding, Christening or Special Achievement - one of these designs couldn’t be more appropriate. Each one has a special beauty and is infinitely desirable.

Waterford Crystal Prestige
The Prestige Collection by Waterford Crystal has an unmatched radiance, delicate precision and glorious elegance. The Prestige Collection pays tribute to the skilful hands of Waterford Crystal's most masterful craftsmen. These crystal pieces are created to satisfy the imagination, pursue an inspiration or simply explore the silvery sparkling medium that has challenged artists for centuries.

Waterford Crystal Sculpture
These immensely and irresistibly collectables from Waterford Crystal are crafted with true skill. The craftsman cutters have captured the grace and energy of the horse, details of sporting interests, the swirling life of the sea and spiritually oriented studies. The perfect or a charming collection to be treasured for yourself.

Waterford Crystal Seahorse
The Seahorse is a beautiful, magical creature and it inspires this beautiful, magical collection. The seahorse has been recognized around the world as the mark of authentic Waterford Crystal. In these pieces the finely detailed cut pattern is brilliantly displayed yet again.

Waterford Crystal Shamrock
The Waterford Crystal Irish Shamrock Collection is made in Ireland and crafted of the finest crystal. This Irish Shamrock Collection features large, beautifully cut shamrocks that celebrate rich Irish heritage, making a perfect gift for any occasion. All items are supplied in a Waterford Crystal Gift Box.

Waterford Crystal Short Stories
The Waterford Short Stories range offers a section of styles with the use of the classic Waterford crystal glass. The Short Stories collection introduces various designs for Decanters, Double Old Fashioned Tumblers, Candlestick Holders and Serveware. The Short Stories combines differing patterns in order to offer a wide selection of styles to best suit the desired setting.

Waterford Crystal Treasures of the Sea
The Waterford Treasures of the Sea collection introduces various designs of cut glass vases. The Treasures of the Sea collection is intended to best highlight the superior quality of Waterford Crystal and use light to display the chosen items inside. Made from Crystal, the cut glass creates an elegant and stylish design that shimmers in the light.

Waterford Crystal W Collection
An original contemporary collection, the Waterford W Collection is reimagined in a couture-fashion way, with shapely solid pieces featuring bold beautiful colours. Designed to make a bold statement and to bring scatters of light and colour to any room, the W Collection uses a fresh and modern colour palette which has been designed in colours fern, sky, heather, and shale - which take inspiration from the gorgeous Irish Landscape.

Waterford Crystal Clearance
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Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal is synonymous with craftsmanship and quality. The tradition of making wooden molds and shaping hand blown molten crystal has not changed for nearly 200 years. Using a diamond tip wheel Waterford Master Craftsmen cut the crystal into the pattern ranges known and loved today. From the main Waterford range perhaps the most recognised pattern is

Waterford Lismore

. This pattern is available in a number of ranges including

Lismore Essence

a more contemporary interpretation of the pattern. The Iconic
Waterford Seahorse
is also richly represented in a number of stunning statement pieces. In recent years Waterford have combined with a number of modern designers to create glassware which reflects the changing styles of 21st century living.
John Rocha

Jasper Conran

Vera Wang
and Jo Sampson are among the famous names designing for this world renowned company. In addition to Waterford’s premium ranges there is also the
Collections which offers the same Waterford quality but at a more affordable price. Waterford Crystal is collected worldwide and has created many of the iconic trophies awarded to sportsmen, industrialists and Governments. Waterford Crystal is the best Crystal in the world, it shines and glistens like no other and will be cherished for generations.

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