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Taylor Pro Digital Kitchen Scales with Touchless Tare in Gift Box, 5kg / 11lbs Capacity

Taylor Pro Digital Kitchen Scales with Touchless Tare in Gift Box, 5kg / 11lbs Capacity

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Effortlessly weigh your ingredients with unmatched precision and maintain a spotless workspace with Taylor Pro Digital Kitchen Scales. These cutting-edge scales utilize touchless tare technology, activated by a built-in motion sensor that easily resets the display to zero with a simple wave. Gone are the days of messy, flour-covered fingers touching the scales. You can also zero out the weight of bowls or containers to accurately measure ingredients, saving you time and reducing clean-up. These versatile scales can handle dry ingredients up to 5kg or 11lbs and offer multiple units of measurement including ounces, pounds/ounces, grams, and kilograms. The sleek silver design with a stain-resistant glass platform not only looks stylish, but also makes for a compact and space-friendly addition to any kitchen. Don't wait, make your cooking and baking experience more efficient with Taylor Pro Digital Kitchen Scales, and enjoy the convenience of a twenty-year guarantee included with your purchase.

Key Features:

  • PRO-STANDARD PRECISION: Taylor's products are endorsed and tested by two Michelin-star chef, Michel Roux Jr.
  • TOUCHLESS TARE: zero the scales, touch-free, for greater hygiene and less mess
  • EASY READING: the easy-read display shows ounces, pounds/ounces, grams or kilograms
  • USEFUL INFO: ultra-thin and compact for space-saving storage. Battery included. Gift boxed
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