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John Beswick

John Beswick Riding Pony (Bay) Figurine

John Beswick Riding Pony (Bay) Figurine

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The riding pony, or better known as a ‘show pony’ was originally developed in the United Kingdom, but is now a popular choice among breeders around the world These ponies were renowned for their beauty and elegance and are compact, with sloping shoulders and small heads. This breed became a popular choice for children’s riding ponies as their popularity grew through the 20th Century. Originally used for riding and hunting they are a blend of thoroughbred Arabs and native pony blood.

This stunning pony has been finely modelled and lovingly hand-painted to create a lifelike study. Excellent for any horse lover, it would make the perfect addition to any collection or as a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

  • Height - 12.5cm
  • Weight - 400g
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