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Artland Glass

Artland Glass Set of 2 Midnight Peacock Cocktail Glasses

Artland Glass Set of 2 Midnight Peacock Cocktail Glasses

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Inspiration for the Midnight Peacock collection came from the very origins of the beautiful species after which the range is named.

The Midnight Peacock came from specially breeding green peafowls in order to create a desirable creature which was highly opulent and stylish in looks.

The Peacock design is lasered out from the mirrored black exterior, and beautifully highlighted by the rich gold interior which shines through!

Each of the five shapes in the collection are sold as sets of two, and come packed in smart boxes.
  • Stunningly designed electroplated glass
  • Plated with gold inside and black on the outside
  • Decorated with Peacock feathers all the way around the bowl of the glass
  • Mouth blown and hand crafted by skilled craftsmen
  • Hand Wash Recommended
Weight 340 g

125 × 125 × 200 mm

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