Collection: Royal Albert Old Country Roses

Royal Albert Old Country Roses originally launched in 1962 and is now renowned for being synonymous with Royal Albert and fabulous British tea parties. The motifs of burgundy, pink and yellow roses were inspired by a quintessentially English country garden in full bloom, designed in flamboyant flair and accented with lustrous gold banding. Enjoy browsing our Royal Albert Old Country Roses collection today.
Vintage Cottage Look With Royal Albert Country Roses

The Vintage Cottage Look With Royal Albert Country Roses

When decorating your country cottage, finding vintage and stunning can be tricky. Particularly when you are looking for beauty and practicality at the same time. However, stop there and admire our Royal Albert Country Roses collection. This could be the most delightful piece of China for your luxurious setting. If this isn’t the China set for your dream cottage, reach out to us as we love to help customers! We are dedicated to selling the highest quality China like Royal Albert Country Roses.

Light Up Your B&B With Royal Albert Country Roses

Light Up Your B&B With Royal Albert Country Roses

We are pleased to help you decorate your Bed & Breakfast with our luxurious China sets. At Kings & Queens, we want to make sure your guests have a pleasant stay with you too. The Royal Albert Country Roses collection could help you do that for your guests. We are sure that you care for your guests and we appreciate this. This stunning design that will complement your vintage setting, meaning that your China fits in seamlessly with your decor.

Royal Albert Country Roses for a friend

Royal Albert Country Roses For An Old Companion

How about you show your old companion some compassion with Royal Albert Country Roses. This could be a lovely gift for their home, that is thoughtful and practical. With this stunning collection, they'll likely use this China regularly. Not only is this collection useful, but it’s beauty will make your companion smile every time they go into the kitchen. If they already Royal Albert Country Roses, this won’t matter, as they now have more to match their collection. But if this is a new China set, then you will be sure to great a wow factor. A home with different China sets allows you to switch out designs if ever you fancy something different to mix the day up. If you would like to treat your companion generously, consider this lovely China set.

Royal Albert Country Roses Anniversary Gift

Royal Albert Country Roses As An Anniversary Gift

Royal Albert Country Roses makes a great anniversary gift. This lovely vintage design is something that will sit nicely in a cottage and forever remind your loved one of your special day. Not only does this make a great Anniversary gift but also for a Wedding or Valentine’s Day. Royal Albert Country Roses works as the centrepiece in a country cottage but also it can be used every day for pure joy. If your cottage is new or you have been there many years, this China set will make a unique gift for someone.