Collection: Portmeirion Glass

If you’re looking to dine with elegance, our Portmeirion glass collection can complete your fine dining experience. Not only can this be the perfect addition to your Portmeirion dinner set, you can also add our lovely Chelsea Vases to your home. Our lovely Portmeirion glassware fits beautifully into a modern kitchen, whether you select the Atrium blue set or Auris Crystal. Made to last and easy to clean, Portmeirion glass is a popular choice if you’re looking to host a luxury dinner for your family and friends. We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection and for more Portmeirion products click here.

Portmeirion Glass Atrium Blue

Portmeirion Glass - Atrium Blue

Looking for a modern glassware design to suit your new modern kitchen? The Altrium Blue collection is an instant winner for a lot of our customers. Some people believe coloured glassware is much more interesting than clear! Don’t get us wrong, it can be difficult to tell which drink is inside when half full so we recommend you pour the children’s drinks in separate glasses to avoid confusion and drama! All that aside, if you have a kitchen or dining room that could do with a little colour adding to it, this Portmeirion glass collection is ideal. With a beautiful contemporary look, you are certain to attract a wow from your guests. Don’t miss out on these beautiful pieces, they really do look great on a dining table or in your drink’s cabinet.

Portmeirion Glass Auris Clear

Portmeirion Glass - Auris Clear

Very different to the collection we have just mentioned, the Auris clear is popular for special occasions. If it’s a big birthday, or anniversary, or maybe a congratulation is in order – buy the best Portmeirion glassware to celebrate! The reason this design is perfect for the special occasion is the sophisticated swirl patterns, finished off with Swarovski crystals! This elegant collection has been hand-cut and hand-polished to add that bit of extra class to the design! So, celebrate and enjoy your best moments with our Auris clear glasses! The people around you are sure to be naturally uplifted by raising a stunning glass in the air - when you’re making a toast!

Portmeirion Glass ivy holly

Fancy raising the spirit at Christmas with Portmeirion glass?

For anyone who is an avid Portmeirion glass collector, we have thought of every occasion with our Holly & Ivy pieces here too! This collection is great for spreading your Christmas decorations beyond the 3ft tree on your coffee table! Should you decide to go beyond a few layers of tinsel this year we have other collections that you might be interested in. The Portmeirion serving pieces are a delight among many households at Christmas. Not only that, we have great Portmeirion tableware, storage, giftware and textiles. So, your Christmas Portmeirion glassware does not need to sit on its own at the dinner table! The theme can be spread from the kitchen to the dining area!

Portmeirion Glass Botanic Garden

Portmeirion Glass – Botanic Garden

What do you do when Christmas is over and the collection above goes back into the cupboard? Well, we have a perfect collection to show you for brighter days in the garden! With its signature floral motifs illustrated in fine lines, this collection is a popular choice in brighter weather! If you’re looking for a great summer vibe this collection is a perfect addition to any conservatory or al fresco experience. Not only that they make a great gift for anyone you know who has a birthday in the summer! These are a perfect and practical choice for immediate use in this instance!

Portmeirion Glass homeware

Portmeirion Glass homeware

Not only are we presenting beautiful Portmeirion glassware to you… We are also showing you the stunning Portmeirion Sara Miller Chelsea collection which starts with a vase and can end with a lovely cutlery box set if you were to click here! Moreover, we sell some stunning Sara Miller placemats and coasters! Then if you are looking for something to sit above these fine items, you can go the whole hog with our Ceramic Chelsea collection. Portmeirion really has some fantastic designs when you start to look around at the different products on the market. To view all of our Portmeirion products click here. When all of these Portmeirion pieces are bought together for one home, it really does light up a home and produces a lovely atmosphere. We hope you enjoy browsing through our collections and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.