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Elevate your culinary journey with De Buyer's Carbon Steel collection, expertly crafted for passionate cooks.

Whether whipping up a quick breakfast or preparing a gourmet dish, De Buyer offers unparalleled precision.

Dive in to explore frying pans, skillets, crepe pans, and more - all designed to transform your kitchen endeavours.
de Buyer carbon steel frying pans

The Mastery of De Buyer Carbon Steel 

Established in the scenic Vosges region of France in 1830, De Buyer's illustrious journey into kitchenware crafting began with a single mission: to provide chefs and home cooks alike with unparalleled quality. This passion seamlessly manifested in their range of carbon steel pans—a marriage of tradition and innovation.

Choosing carbon steel was no accident. Recognised for its exceptional heat distribution and remarkable durability, carbon steel swiftly became a beloved material for many. De Buyer, leveraging its meticulous French craftsmanship, transformed this raw steel into culinary masterpieces, paving the way for a new standard in cooking.

The De Buyer carbon steel frying pan quickly gained prominence, celebrated for its perfect balance and exceptional searing. The De Buyer carbon steel skillet followed closely, a testament to the versatility for sautés, sears, or slow-cooked recipes. Not to be outdone, the De Buyer carbon steel crepe pan introduced a touch of French elegance to breakfasts around the globe, turning the humble pancake into an affair of artistry.

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Why Choose Carbon Steel? 

In culinary craftsmanship, the choice of material plays a pivotal role. Carbon steel, cherished by professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts, stands out for many reasons. When you opt for a De Buyer carbon steel pan or skillet, you're investing in a lineage of benefits unparalleled by other materials. Here's why:

Superior Heat Distribution: Carbon steel has an incredible ability to distribute heat evenly across its surface. Whether using a De Buyer carbon steel frying pan for a delicate sear or a skillet for a perfect sauté, you're guaranteed evenly cooked results every time.

Remarkable Durability: Regarding longevity, few materials can rival carbon steel. Unlike other pans that deteriorate over time, a well-maintained carbon steel pan can be passed down through generations. 

Natural Non-stick: Carbon steel pans develop a patina, a natural non-stick layer over time. This makes for hassle-free cooking and even easier cleaning. 

Responsive Temperature Control: Carbon steel reacts quickly to temperature changes, giving you greater control over your cooking. Want to shift from a high-heat sear to a slow simmer? With carbon steel, the transition is seamless.

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Types of De-Buyer Carbon Steel Products 

Discover the prowess of De Buyer's carbon steel line-up, where each product embodies a blend of tradition, innovation, and exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you're sautéing, frying, or whipping up delicate crepes, De Buyer has crafted the perfect tool tailored for the task.

De Buyer Carbon Steel Frying Pan - A staple in any kitchen, the De Buyer carbon steel frying pan combines versatility with efficiency. Its even heat distribution ensures perfect searing and frying, locking in the flavours and juices of your ingredients. The ergonomic design ensures it sits comfortably in your hand, while its natural non-stick properties amplify with each use, making both cooking and cleaning a breeze. This frying pan stands uncontested if you're seeking the perfect blend of tradition and modern culinary engineering.

De Buyer Carbon Steel Skillet - Skillets are the workhorses of the kitchen, and the De Buyer carbon steel skillet is no exception. With deeper sides, it's perfect for those dishes that require a bit more room—be it a hearty stir-fry or a simmering sauce. Its superior heat retention ensures your dishes are cooked uniformly, while its robust build promises longevity. It's not just a skillet; it's an experience waiting to unfold in your kitchen.

De Buyer Carbon Steel Crepe Pan  - With the De Buyer carbon steel crepe pan, you're equipped with a tool that understands crepe-making nuances. Its low sides facilitate easy flipping, while its flat base guarantees even cooking, ensuring each crepe is golden brown and delicious. This crepe pan is your go-to companion whether you fancy a sweet morning treat or a savoury evening delight.

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Caring for Your De Buyer Pan

To enjoy the unmatched culinary performance of a De Buyer carbon steel pan, giving it the right care is essential. Proper maintenance not only ensures consistent results but also prolongs the life of your cherished kitchen companion. Here's a guide to keep your pan in top-notch condition:

Season Before First Use: This process creates a natural non-stick layer and protects the pan from rusting. Coat the interior with oil, heat until the oil begins to smoke, then let it cool and wipe away any excess.

Clean with Warm Water: After cooking, let the pan cool. Clean your De Buyer carbon steel frying pan or skillet using warm water and a soft sponge. Avoid using soap, as it can strip the pan's seasoning.

Dry Thoroughly: Carbon steel is prone to rusting when left damp. Ensure you dry your pan thoroughly after washing. Place it on a stove for a couple of minutes to evaporate any residual moisture for best results.

Re-season Occasionally: Over time and with frequent use, the seasoning on your De Buyer carbon steel skillet or crepe pan may wear off. Re-season as needed to maintain that perfect non-stick surface.

Avoid Abrasive Scrubbers: Preserve the integrity of your pan's seasoning by avoiding metal scouring pads. Instead, opt for gentler cleaning tools like wooden spatulas or nylon brushes.

Store Properly: Store your pan in a dry place, ideally separated from other cookware to prevent scratching.

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de Buyer Customer Reviews

Experience the difference with De Buyer carbon steel products, as vouched for by our loyal Kings and Queens customers. Here's what they have to say about their De Buyer purchases:

Jane T. from London: "My De Buyer carbon steel frying pan has transformed my cooking. Not only is it stunningly designed, but the heat distribution is top-notch. Every dish I make is cooked to perfection."

Rohan S. from Birmingham: "I was always a non-stick person until I tried the De Buyer carbon steel skillet from Kings and Queens. The seasoning process was simple, and the results? Nothing short of impressive. A kitchen game-changer!"

Ella D. from Manchester: "Crepe Sundays are now a tradition, all thanks to my De Buyer carbon steel crepe pan. It heats evenly, ensuring perfectly golden crepes every time. Highly recommend!"

Dominic K. from Edinburgh: "Purchasing the De Buyer pan was one of my best kitchen investments. It's durable, cooks evenly, and with proper care, it just gets better over time. Hats off to Kings and Queens for stocking such quality!"

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Why Kings and Queens? 

Choosing the perfect De Buyer carbon steel product isn't just about the pan or skillet but the entire shopping experience. Here's why Kings and Queens stand out:

  • Authenticity Assured: Every De Buyer carbon steel pan, skillet, and crepe pan we stock is 100% genuine. We source directly from De Buyer, ensuring you receive the top-quality product you've paid for.
  • Swift Delivery: When you're eager to cook with your new De Buyer piece, waiting can be agonising. That's why we're committed to prompt dispatch and delivery. Most of our UK customers receive their orders within just a few days.
  • Unparalleled Customer Support: Our team isn't just about sales; we're here to guide, assist, and answer any queries you may have about your De Buyer carbon steel product. From seasoning tips to aftercare, we're just a call or email away.
  • Seasoned Advice: Unsure about which De Buyer carbon steel frying pan suits you best? Or how does it compare to the skillet? Our expert team knows our inventory inside out and can guide you to the best choice for your needs.

Shop with Kings and Queens, where quality meets impeccable service. Dive into our curated De Buyer carbon steel collection today and experience the difference between product and provider excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions about De Buyer Products 

What distinguishes De Buyer carbon steel pans from others?

De Buyer has over two centuries of expertise in crafting high-quality cookware. Their carbon steel pans are renowned for even heat distribution, superb durability, and a natural non-stick surface that improves with use.

How do I season my De Buyer carbon steel frying pan?

Seasoning your pan is essential for optimum performance. Start by cleaning the pan thoroughly. Then, coat it lightly with vegetable oil and heat it until the oil begins to smoke. Allow the pan to cool, and wipe away excess oil. The more you use the pan, the better its seasoning will become.

Is the De Buyer carbon steel crepe pan only for making crepes?

While the De Buyer carbon steel crepe pan is designed with a low-profile edge for easy crepe flipping, it's versatile enough for other uses, like frying eggs or making pancakes.

How do I clean my De Buyer pan after use?

It's recommended to hand wash your De Buyer pan with warm water and a soft sponge. Avoid using soap, as it can strip the pan's seasoning. Always dry the pan thoroughly after washing to prevent rusting.

Will the handle of De Buyer carbon steel products get hot during cooking?

The handles are designed to stay cooler than the pan base but can get warm, especially if used for an extended period or in the oven. It's always wise to use a potholder or handle cover for safety.

For any further queries or specific details, feel free to contact our customer service team. We're here to ensure your cooking experience with De Buyer is unparalleled.

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