Collection: Coloured Glasses

Coloured Glasses are a great way to add a bit of retro and character to your home. A lot of the big brands offer vintage coloured glassware that is both fun and functional, so you can serve up drinks in style! Plus, it's made from high-quality materials that will last through many years of parties. So, what are you waiting for? Consider purchasing some coloured glasses today!

Retro Coloured Glasses

Anton studio swirl - coloured glasses

We at Kings & Queens know that sometimes you just need to see the world through a different lens. That's why we've put this retro coloured glasses collection together. So, you can experience the world from a whole new perspective. We're all about the vintage look. Our Anton Studio Swirl glasses are so retro, they're almost vintage! They're perfect for serving up your favourite wines, when you're feeling a little old-fashioned. We think they're great for any occasion, whether you're having a family dinner or hosting a party with friends. The Anton Studio Swirl glasses come in four colours, so you get a nice contrast of colours in your glass’s cupboard. They also have a unique shape to them that makes them stand out from other glasses on the market, so if you want something different, these are what you've been looking for!

Coloured Glasses neon

The history of coloured glassware

Depending on where you look for information, it differs on where coloured glassware started and when it really took off. Some sources suggest coloured glassware took off in the early 1900s, when glass manufacturers started using metallic oxides to colour their products. The first example of this was a green-tinted wine decanter made by Lalique. The earliest coloured glassware, however, was produced in the 1890s by Lalique and his partner Emile Galle. They used a technique called enamelling a process that involves applying extremely thin layers of glass over the object being decorated to create the first crystal items with coloured surfaces.

Coloured Wine Glasses

More on coloured glassware

Coloured glasses first started appearing in restaurants in the 1960s, when they were used to distinguish between different drinks. For example, orange glass would be used for orange juice and lime green glass would be used for Sprite. The idea was that if you wanted a different drink than what was served in your colour glass, you could ask for it and they'd give it to you! Also on the subject of coloured glassware, if you love colour and love glass – click here to check out these stunning paperweights.

crystal and coloured glasses

Retro Crystal & Blue Coloured Glasses

If you are looking to pick one colour and follow the theme throughout your coloured glassware. Click here and find a stunning collection of blue crystal glassware. As we as different-shaped glasses for different occasions we have some lovely servicing pieces also for the table. Such as the glassware shown here. The deep blue crystal glass contrasted with a lovely crystal-clear stem. This collection has been mouth blown in England and hand decorated with sweeping cuts that add a superb sparkle. If you are looking for a luxury weighted crystal in one colour, we can’t recommend this collection highly enough.

Blue Coloured Wine Glasses

Modern Blue Coloured Glasses

Some people go out looking for vintage coloured glasses and then find the Portmeirion Atrium collection. Although coloured glass is seen as a bit of a retro style, this collection is surprisingly modern. Are you wondering why blue is a common go-to colour for glassware? Well, blue is a colour that makes you think of water, sky, and the sea, which is why it's so popular in glassware. These glasses are designed to bring out the best qualities of this beautiful hue and make your drinks look like they're shimmering under a cloudless sky. Blue glassware is often associated with fine dining, as it can make any meal feel more luxurious. Whether you're setting your table for breakfast or dinner, blue will add a touch of class to your mealtime experience.

Coloured glasses for spirits

Go retro with our coloured goblet glasses

Looking for the perfect vintage coloured wine goblet? We've got you covered. Kings & Queens are your one-stop shop for all things wine and glassware. We carry a wide variety of colours, styles, and sizes, whether you're looking for something simple, like a classic red wine goblet, or something more extravagant. Our selection makes hosting parties or just enjoying a night in with friends easy. Just find the perfect wine glasses for your next gathering and order them today!

Coloured Glasses for vintage kitchen

The history of the wine goblet

Wine goblets have been a part of the human experience for thousands of years, and their history can be traced back to ancient Rome. The word “goblet” comes from the French word “gobelet” or “gobet”—meaning “cap.” These early versions of wine goblets were made out of simple materials like clay and metal, but they were often more ornate than they are today. In ancient Greece and Rome, wine goblets were used in religious ceremonies as well as at banquets and parties. Because they were such an important part of Greek life, they became symbols of wealth and prestige among those who owned them.