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My Selection of 2017’s Best Wine Glasses

Yesteryear, we all seemed to be happy glugging our wine from a thick rimmed, round and seemingly indestructible wine glass. If you keep your eye out, some of these wine glasses can still be found in circulation today! These glasses tend to make wine ‘disappear’ hiding its aroma and not taking any steps to deliver the wine into the right area of the mouth.

Today however, we are happy to report that more and more of us are looking for something a little more special from our wine glasses, which not only enhances the taste and aroma of the wine – but also adds a sense of occasion to every tipple.

Let’s clear one thing up at this stage, I'm not suggesting that you have to buy 30 different types of wine glasses for every type of wine imaginable, but just to spend a little more time and consideration when choosing your next glass. The revolution that wine glasses have come through in recent years, means you can find a very special wine glass at very normal price.

My Favourite Red Wine Glass

In my opinion, Royal Doulton design some of the most special red wine glasses available. One of my favourites is the Highclere Red Wine Set. These glasses have been cut with a beautiful design of diamond and wedge cuts offering a modern interpretation of traditionally cut crystal and are supplied in a Royal Doulton presentation box.  They are made from crystalline and are perfect for every occasion.

Royal Doulton Highclere

£64.00 at Kings & Queens, 20% Discount off RRP

My Favourite White Wine Glass

Villeroy & Boch are one of our favourite designers, across their full range they combine excellent quality with beautiful, timeless designs. Their Chardonnay Glasses are no exception. The premium glass has a specially designed classical, elegant shaped bowl from a long stem. The shape of the glass is designed specifically to enhance the aroma and flavour delivery of white wine. The large design of the glass also ensures that the wine can breathe.  This glass gives a modern slant to the classic tulip shape.

Allegorie Premium Chardonnay / Wine Goblet Classic

£18.80 at Kings & Queens, 20% off RRP.

My Favourite ‘Value’ Wine Glass

Stolzle has produce fantastic wine glasses for over 128 years. Today, a top supplier to hotels, restaurants and winemakers – their wine glasses are a perfect, durable options for everybody, not just businesses.

One of my favourite wine glasses from their range is the Red Wine Glass from their Weinland Collection. These glasses offer a large bowl, with a narrowed rim to help aerate red wine, and deliver it to the taste zones of the tongue. These design features are matched with elegant simplicity.

Weinland Red Wine Large Set of 6

Set of 6 at £25.92 at Kings & Queens, 20% off RRP.

My Favourite ‘High End’ Wine Glass

Regardless of the reason for buying a high end wine glass, if you want to impress at a dinner party – or simply add a touch of luxury for day to day drinking, there are a large range of luxury wine glasses on the market.

Perhaps the most luxurious is the Sommeliers Black Tie Series from Riedel. This glass pays tribute to Claus Josef Riedel’s first Sommelier Burgundy Grand Cru Glass, which was revealed in 1958. The 1958 release changed the way people drank wine all over the world, the design highlighted the impact that the size and shape of a glass have on the aroma and flavour of a wine. This new black tie series incorporates Sommeliers lines and classic shape in this mouth blown wine glass.

Sommeliers Black Tie Riesling Grand Cru

RRP: £90, available from Kings & Queens at £72.

My Favourite Champagne/Fizz Glass

Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion with a bottle of champagne, or for more regular drinking of alternatives such as Cava or Prosecco, the right ‘fizz’ glass adds a touch of luxury to the experience, whilst keeping your glass chilled and full of bubbles.

One of my favourite champagne glasses is the Anton Studio Manhattan Flutes. These have been designed with a thick ice stem, which looks great and provides perfect weighting for a well-balanced glass, which is a joy to hold. Their style is complimented by the fact that they are handmade by skilled craftsmen.

Set of 2 Manhattan Champagne Flutes

£15.92 for a set of two, 20% saving off RRP

Whatever your reason for buying a new set of wine glasses, whether you have washed your current set to destruction one by one, or simply want a refresh – you can find a large collection of wine glasses at Kings & Queens – all of which have been handpicked from the world’s leading glassware and crystal designers and manufacturers.