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Animal Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Animal Lap Trays manufactured by Pimpernel, Portmeirion, Denby, Castle Melamine and Kico. Fantastically practical and an ideal gift for any animal lover. The designs range from images from the Natural World to cartoons and humorous Designs. With over 70 Animal designs to choose from you are sure to find the perfect choice.

Celebrities Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
From The Iconic figures of Sinatra, Elvis and Jacko to cartoons of some of the best loved music and television characters spanning 4 decades these mainly cartoon representations of famous people are guaranteed to make you smile. See how many you recognise from over 60 different designs.

Contemporary Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Inspired by technology and urban chic, these Contemporary Lap Tray designs have been created to represent 21st century living. Complex circuit boards, an essential part of modern day life, and youth culture expressed through the graffiti art work of the renowned street artist Banksy are both represented.

Children's Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Not only great for snacks in front of the TV, Children's Lap Trays make the perfect surface for crafts, hobbies and homework. From traditional designs to something a little more contemporary, these designs should appeal to children up to early teens.

Comic Book Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Feel like a Comic Book Super Hero with these brightly coloured Laptrays featuring the art work found in many Comic Books. Whether its "Ka Pow", "Thwack" or "Crunch" these Lap Trays are guaranteed to spice up meal times. Ideal as gift or let each member of the family have their own design - Holy Lap Trays Batman, you've got competition!

Definitions Beaded Lap Tray Collection
These Laptrays will give yourself something to ponder while you enjoy a supper in front of the TV. Whether you are Grumpy, Successful, Happy or in Love you can find out exactly what it means. Laptrays are perfect in so many environments for so many tasks and hobbies, no home should be without one.

Flag Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Take a trip around the world with these Lap Trays each depicting a Flag from countries from Algeria to the USA. Whether to remember a great holiday or your home, these lap trays make a great geography lesson. See how many flags you can name or pick next years holiday.

Floral Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Floral Lap Trays manufactured by Pimpernel, Portmeirion, Denby, Castle Melamine and Kico. From abstract designs to highly magnified detailed photography of the natural world, the floral lap tray collection includes many of our best loved native plants with some exotic varieties also included. Not just confined to flowers there are also designs featuring trees and leaves.

Heart Warming Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Send a message to someone special with this range of Heart Warming Lap Trays. Be careful to read them carefully, as all is not as it may seem on some of the designs. A great way to add a personal touch to a very practical gift which is guarantee red to be useful in so many ways and last for years to come. Perfect for any age group.

Humorous Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
These humorous Lap Trays are guaranteed to make you chuckle. From the art work of Simon drew to the innocent remarks of children each one is designed to tickle your funny bone. These practical trays, ideal for TV dinners, hobbies and crafts make the perfect present, and with their humorous designs you can send laughter as well to the joker in your life.

London Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
See the Capital from a new perspective with these London themed Lap Trays. Including many iconic images and world known Landmarks you can have your lunch at Buckingham Palace, do a puzzle on the London Eye or enjoy your supper on a black cab. What ever London means to you these Lap Tray designs brings the Capital into your home.

Keep Calm Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
What do you do to Keep Calm? This selection of Lap Trays offers a number of suggestions and even adds a little advice for those of us who don't quite manage that calm and unruffled peace of mind. The trays are available in the original block colour design and a new Vintage look. The perfect gift for the stressed out.

Miscellaneous Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Lap Trays have so many practical uses around the home, their level and stable surfaces make them ideal for TV Dinners, Puzzles, crafts and hobbies. With nearly 600 different designs to choose from there is sure to be the perfect match for you. To help browse through the lap trays we have divided them into 19 Categories.......These are the ones that got away. General Miscellaneous designs.

Natural World Design Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Designs from the Natural World are always beautiful and often surprising. These Lap Trays depict pebbles, shells and water droplets like you have never seen them before. They make a great backdrop for all the uses that Lap Trays are employed for. The perfect gift for those interested in the environment and nature.

Pac-Man Beaded Lap Tray Collection
Remember the 80's with these Pac-Man Laptrays. One of the original video games, Pac-Man has a real nostalgic feel and these Laptrays offer the iconic Pac-man and the ghosts as a classic pixilated design or in retro style. Choose your favourite Ghost, Pac-Man or a screen shot of the game. Ideal for any gamer old or young.

Periodic Table Beaded Lap Tray Collection
Laptrays are a practical and thoughtful gift. Perfect for reading, doing puzzles, supper in front of the TV and for doing Homework. These Laptrays show elements from the periodic table so may be perfect for any aspiring scientist or GCSE Chemistry homework!

Personal Computing Beaded Lap Tray Collection
With over 40 designs to choose from, these Personal Computing Laptrays are sure to offer something for the geek in your life. Whether they "Like" facebook, or are happy Tweeters or just enjoy surfing there is the perfect design for them. Practical and personal Laptrays make a perfect gift for all members of the family.

Scenes & Views Beaded Lap Trays Collection
These Lap trays have some spectacular views from around the UK as well as some more artistic interpretations of British Icons. There are also scenes from further a field in America and Israel. With these practical Lap Trays you can lunch on Withering Beach and enjoy supper in the Ramon Crater without leaving your armchair.

 Beaded Lap Trays Collection
From iconic imagery to music and poetry and wickedly funny humour, all are represented here in a collection of Lap Trays with a Scottish theme. Celebrate all that is Scottish with these practical Lap Trays and you don't have to come from North of the Border to enjoy some of Scotland's finest images and culture.

Sport, Music & Hobbies Beaded Lap Trays Collection
These Lap Trays celebrate Sport, Music and Hobbies. Whether you love Football, Golf or Rugby, enjoy music or pursue hobbies including gardening sewing or knitting there is a lap Tray just perfect for you. Lap Trays also make useful and thoughtful gifts and with such a huge variety of designs to choose from there is sure to be the ideal one.

Street Names Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Some addresses are iconic such as Downing Street, Oxford Street and Park Lane. We also recognise some American addresses immortalised in films over the years, Sunset Boulevard, Madison Avenue and Park Avenue. So wherever you fancy visiting, whether it's lunch at Abbey Road or Supper at Pennsylvania Avenue the world is your oyster.

Vehicle Beaded Lap Trays Collection
These Lap Trays are dedicated to Petrol Heads everywhere. From Aston Martins to Robin Reliant and Lamborghinis to JCBs every iconic car, van and motor bike is represented here. With over 80 different designs to choose from these practical Lap Trays make the perfect gift for men of all ages and ladies who enjoy a bit of speed and glamour.

Wine & Culinary Beaded Lap Trays Collection
Over 30 different designs of Lap Trays with a board Wine and Culinary Theme. Everything from Wine Gums to Sushi are represented on these practical and multi use trays. Ideal for TV dinners, crafts, puzzles and hobbies. Lap Trays make a useful and thoughtful gift for all ages.