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20% off all Nao ranges

Nao Angels Collection
Saintly and serene or cheeky and adorable, Nao Angel figurines bring a whole host of blessings with them. Perfect to decorate your home on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas and perfect as a gift to mark these holidays. Sending messages of love, guardianship and special thoughts, each Nao Angel Figurine is made from high quality porcelain and is supplied in a Nao Gift Box.

Nao Animals Collection
Nao Porcelain Animal Studies are a charming addition to any collection. From Ducks to Donkeys, Puppies to Kittens these handmade and hand painted studies are all supplied in a Nao gift box. Beautifully designed by some of Ladro's premiere sculptures they will delight both old and young.

Nao  Children Collection
Nao Porcelain Children studies will capture your heart. From birth held by the nurse to the beginning of love, Nao captures the innocence and purity of childhood. Studies feature both Boys and Girls along with puppies and toys, each study is handmade and hand painted and is supplied in a Nao gift box.

Nao Christmas Collection
Celebrate Christmas with these beautiful Nao Figurines. From traditional Nativity scenes to Cheeky Santa Angels these Christmas themed figurines will help you set the festive mood. Each figurine is hand crafted in premium porcelain and make wonderful Christmas gifts. Destined to become part of any family tradition, Nao figurines will decorate your home at this wonderful time year after year.

Nao Dancers Collection
Nao Porcelain Dancing Figurines embody both the grace and form of professional dancers. Nao also captures the thrill and rapture of the keen pupil. Made from finest porcelain each piece is hand made and painted to create a truly beautiful collectable. The Nao Dancers collection also includes a number of limited edition pieces.

Nao Disney Collection
Nao Disney brings some of Walt Disney's best loved creations to life. Either as single studies of individual characters or as treasured toys being loved by young children. From Winnie The Pooh to Grumpy there is sure to be a special favourite in this collection. This collection also includes studies of Hello Kitty and Charlie Brown.

Nao Families Collection
Nao Family studies celebrate the greatest gift of a child. Each piece captures the special bond between parent and child and embodies that deep and unquestionable love which binds families. Each sculpture has been designed by one of Ladro's finest craftsmen and is presented in a Nao gift box.

Nao Fantasy Collection
The Nao Fantasy collection includes items from differing genres. From Mermaids to Clowns the fantasy range has figurines that are bound to be the centrepiece of any room they are placed in. Made from porcelain, can be used to decorate the home or give as a gift to a friend or loved one.

Nao Ladies Collection
Nao captures the beauty of young women in a natural and elegant way. Each porcelain study explores the meaning of beauty without fuss and ornation presenting elegance and sophistication. Each study has been designed by one Ladro's finest craftsmen and is hand made and hand painted and supplied in a Nao gift box.

Nao Love & Romance Collection
Nao's Love and Romance figurines capture that special feeling from the thrills of first love to the more enduring partnership which lasts a lifetime. Couples entwine in loving embraces, promises given and commitments made, Nao embodies the essence of these wonderful feelings in each of its handmade and hand painted figurines.

Nao Occasions Collection
To celebrate some of life's milestones, Nao has produced a selective range of studies. From the welcome news of a child, to communion, graduation and marriage, each special day is commemorated with its own special interpretation. These hand made and hand painted studies are the perfect gift to mark these special events.

Nao Occupation Collection
The Nao Occupations collection introduces figurines in various designs based on occupations. Made from porcelain, each design can be given as a gift to celebrate a success in the respective occupation. The lifelike figures use pale colour to best highlight each of the pieces against the light.

Nao Religion Collection
The Nao Religion collection introduces a selection of items based on religious figures. Made from porcelain, each item can be given as gift or used to decorate the home. Each of the pieces will be ideal to decorate the home during the Christmas, but also throughout the rest of the year. Each piece uses the porcelain to balance to other colours used.

Nao Youth Collection
The Nao Youth collection introduces figurines that highlight the exuberance of Youth. Made from porcelain, each item is designed to be the talking point of any room the pieces are placed in. The pieces can be given as a gift or purchased to mark a particular achievement.


Nao’s origins can be traced back to 1967 when the Lladro brothers set up their first factory near Valencia. They named their porcelain creations Rosal and they soon became a highly valued collectable. In 1975 the factory moved to new larger premises and the range was reinvented under the name of Zaphir. This new range proved popular, not only across Spain, but worldwide where there was growing interest in these charming and innocent figurines. To satisfy this market the Lladro brothers once again changed their trading name this time to Nao. Named after the sailing boats from the time of Columbus it symbolised a return journey to the company’s origins as purveyors of creativity, skill and magic. Nao now produce nearly 300 individual studies each created at the hands of skilled craftsmen and women. Each one is produced using fine liquid porcelain and decorated by hand by Lladro’s specialised artists. The collection is perhaps best known for its superb studies of children. Nao Children embody all the innocence of childhood and can be collected as themed groups or as individual studies. Taking the child theme forward, Nao Families represent tender, touching scenes from everyday life. More contemporary than other figurine manufacturers, Nao also ensures not only to include mother figurines but studies including fathers as well, which make them great gifts for birthdays and Father’s Day. The Nao Love & Romance Figures make wonderfully different and imaginative Wedding and Engagement presents. Mainly representing traditional couples, the collection also includes “Love Is”, Dogs and loving message figurines. Both Nao Ladies and Nao Dancers offer the female form at its most elegant. The Nao Dancers also include the delightful child ballerinas which will delight and amuse. Nao Christmas and Nao Angels make great decorations for the festive period. From sweet and serene to cheeky and sassy they are sure to set the mood for your family Christmas. Moving away from the collections main human studies, Nao Animals offers a collection which includes wildlife, pets and Disney Characters. Further Characters from Disney as well as Charlie Brown and Hello Kitty can be found in the Nao Disney & Characters category. Featuring Winnie The Pooh, Princesses and Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs they are the perfect collectable for children. New to the Nao range are Nao Lamps. Each Lamp includes one of Nao’s best loved creation along with a 35cm shade. All Lamps conform to all British Standards. The Nao range is extensive and at Kings and Queens we offer 20% discount on every Nao Figurine.