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TVS Arco Collection
TVA Arco was designed by and has the signature of Giugiaro, an icon in Italian design history. Its contemporary look and high-tech heart are a guarantee of quality that is built to last. Arco's circular shape melds into the handle to create a look and ergonomic style that are absolutely unique. The Plustek non-stick coating with its ultra-resistance to scratching and abrasions.

TVS Deco Collection
TVS Deco's unique diamond body is enhanced by the ultra-gloss, ultra-resistant enamel exterior ensuring your pans will always look fantastic. The High-gauge aluminium guarantees excellent heat conduction for better, fat-free cooking. Deco can withstand scratching and abrasions inside the pan, thanks to its Plustek non-stick coating. These pans are perfect for entertaining, as the larger shape is perfect for larger dishes.

TVS Gustosa Collection
Induction Impact-pro technology has been used in the production of TVS Gustosa to guarantee resistance to thermal shock, together with a bottom that won’t lose its shape, even after constant use at high temperatures TVS Gustosa is built to last. The champagne-coloured lacquer coating with coloured trim makes the items great to look at and fantastic to use.

TVS Liquida Collection
TVS Liquida pans are made from Heavy-gauge cast aluminium which conducts heat with great efficiency boosting cooking performance. The ergonomically designed micro fusion stainless steel handles provide a safe easy grip. The Galatek, light-coloured, non-stick coating ensures excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion, as well as being stain proof. TVS Liquida is a high performance cookware which looks good and cooks to perfection.

TVS Maestrale Collection
TVS Maestrale was created by Alberto Meda, one of Italy’s most prestigious designers. The high-gauge aluminium body is coated with a Toptek non-stick coating: ultra-resistant to scratches and abrasions. The steel handle is unique and ergonomically optimised for use and the glass and silicone lids are more stable during use.

TVS Mineralia Collection
TVS Mineralia combines a revolutionary coating reinforced with mineral particles making it resistant to abrasion and suitable for use with metal utensils. Mineralia has an Ultra-thick aluminium body for better heat conduction and lower energy use and the steel bottom allows for perfect stability and thermal shock resistance.

TVS Mito Collection
TVS Mito has an ultra-hard Titan base, the bottom of the pan can withstand the action of metal utensils such as tongs, forks and knives with out scratching. Mito also has increased stain resistance, thanks to its highly non-stick qualities, even after lengthy cooking use. With extreme resistance to saline corrosion and to aggressive agents such as the acids, naturally present in foods, Mito will stay looking good and delivering high performance year after year.

TVS Origine Collection
TVS Origine IH has a super-gloss surface which prevents foods from sticking and means that cookware is easy to clean. With guaranteed superior resistance to scratching, abrasions and wear, the cutting-edge EXP coating is ultra-smooth and extra-hard ensuring your pans will keep on giving you a quality performance year after year.

TVS Splendida Collection
TVS Splendida has a Toptek PRO re-enforced non-stick coating which has been applied in 4 layers and with a high-tech, resistant exterior it is perfectly dishwasher safe. The Splendida steel bottoms and handles make it perfect on any heat source, including induction, as well as in the oven. A wide, high-gauge bottom, allows for better stability on the hob while soft silicone grips on the handles make the pans easy and safe to use.


Established by three entrepreneurs in 1967 in Urbino Italy, TVS has gone on to be one of the most innovative manufacturers of cookware in Europe winning many prestigious awards for design and development. What sets TVS apart is not just the exceptional quality of the cookware but the attention to design and detail. Using many designers from across Europe TVS ensure that their pans stand out for their aesthetics as well as their exceptional performance. Liquida was designed by Angelo Di Porto, a freelance designer from Rome, who is acknowledged to be at the cutting edge of contemporary design. Introducing fluid shapes in an ivory coating, TVS Liquida has already won awards for innovation and design. The durability of the ivory coloured Galatek non-stick coating and its resistance to scratches, abrasions and stains is achieved using TVS’ three layer approach to coating the pan. The sandblasted aluminium of the pans body is first coated with a layer reinforced with hard mineral particles before a second intermediate layer seals the pan which is then coated with a light non-stick coating. So confident of Liquida’s durability, TVS offer a 5 year guarantee on all pans in the range. The TVS Maestrale Induction range was designed by Alberto Meda for TVS. Maestrale has been conceived as a way of bringing restaurant quality pans to the home while also ensuring that they make a sleek design statement. The exterior matt black silicone enamel coating and internal 3 layer reinforced non-stick coating make these pans ready for anything you can throw at them. The stainless steel handles are a unique and ergonomically optimised shape making the pans suitable for use on all heat sources including the oven, so whatever you’re cooking there is no need to change pan when moving from hob to oven. TVS Arco has good reason to be proud to bear the signature of Giugiaro, an icon in Italy design history. From first glance Arco offers something different for the kitchen with a circular shape that melds into the handle to create a look and ergonomic style that are absolutely unique. The pans and handles are rendered in a rich brown colour combining the high-gauge aluminium body, Bakelite handles and knobs and aluminium lids seamlessly. If looking good as well as performing to the highest standard is important to you then Arco is the perfect choice. As the name suggests, TVS Deco takes its inspiration from the style of the Art Decco period. The ultra-gloss finish of the diamond textured pans retains all the hallmarks of TVS’ superior quality while making a simple but distinctive statement of style. The high-gauge aluminium body guarantees excellent heat conduction making Decco a great way to cook fat-free for a healthier lifestyle. If you choose Deco for your kitchen make sure you have enough room as you will never want to put this beautiful collection away. TVS Splendida introduces a four layer internal nonstick coating with an additional double finishing layer applied to all the pans. This additional coating makes the pans water repellent and therefore ideal for dishwashers. Combining a polished aluminium exterior with an Idrotek coating and matt black interior, Splendida is stylish and understated. Its unique design detail can be found in the lids and handles which are sculptured from stainless steel with silicone grips and edging to the lids. For a real touch of glamour TVS Gustosa is coated with a champagne coloured silicone enamel outside and a matching champagne non-stick plustek layer inside. The easy grip soft touch Bakelite handles in brown accentuate the luxurious champagne colour of the pans. TVS Gustosa has been designed with Induction Impact-pro technology ensuring that the base of the pan will never lose its shape and will remain resistance to thermal shock even after constant use at high temperature. TVS Origine has super smooth surface coated in a soft black silicone enamel. With two finishing layers of durable non-stick coatings, the pans are stain proof and resistant to corrosion from salt, acid foods and detergents which can damage non-stick layers on inferior pans. This new technology from TVS will ensure that Origine pans are the easiest pans to clean that you will ever come across. TVS Mito is the first range to be manufactured with an additional Titan Resistant layer applied to the interior of the pan. Applied as the first coat to the sandblasted aluminium body the Titan Resistant layer ensures that these pans will be stain resistant and tough enough not to be scratched or marked by metal utensils. The long ergonomic soft touch handles also feature a thermo indicator, so you will always know when the pan is at the right temperature. Mito is ideal for cooking with less fat or oil on all heat sources including induction. To create and ensure the long-lasting beauty of the stone effect decoration of Mineralia, TVS have applied 5 separate coats to the interior of the pan. Decorated with a black and white dappling, Mineralia has also had the exterior coating increased to 7 layers protecting the ranges good looks from everything your kitchen can throw at it. Perfect cooking results, maximum non-stick qualities and super resistance to scratching and abrasion are Mineralia’s main pluses. TVS is recognised across Europe as one of the leading designers of cookware. It is renowned not just for its constant advancements in technology but also for its attention to style and design. The ordinary can be extraordinary, the common place exceptional and the performance without fault if you strive for the best and TVS in so many ways delivers the best. All TVS pans are available at Kings and Queens at great prices so throw out your old, warped, peeling pans and invest in something that will give you perfect results while adding some Italian style to your kitchen.