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20% off all Kuhn Rikon ranges

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Black Star
Kuhn Rikon Black Star Frying Pan offers a professional quality Carbon Steel pan for the home kitchen. With deep sides and long handles the pan can be safely heated to high temperatures for fast browning of meats. The shallower Rosti pan is designed to produce the perfect potatoe Rosti and is also available with a wooden coaster to protect your work surface.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Colori
With the colourful Kuhn Rikon cookware range "COLORI" every kitchen turns into a great cooking experience. The colourful surface coating with the contemporary colours of anthracite, silver, red and green are complimented by stainless steel handles which match ideally to the cookware and the glass lids allow you to watch the food inside the pot.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Cucina
Light, handy, easy to clean, Kuhn Rikon Cucina is exactly the right thing for daily use. With a Durable Non-Stick coating and porcelain enamel coating on the outside, they are very easy to clean and have a lovely finish. The frying pans are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit even the biggest family, the range also includes a handy milk and crepe pan.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Daily
The shapely stainless steel cookware can be stacked to save space. The stylish glass lid allows you to observe the cooking process without removing the lid. It is not only practical, but also prevents unnecessary heat and energy loss. Kuhn Rikon Daily Cookware is aptly named as a versatile, practical and stylish collection perfect for everyday use.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cookers
Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Pressure Cookers are the perfect way to prepare healthy meals in a third of the time of conventional cooking while retaining more nutrients. Duromatic has an automatic lid lock and five pressure release systems to ensure that they are completely safe. Using up to 60% less energy than other cooking methods, Duromatic is a safe, nutritious and eco friendly way to prepare meals.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Durotherm
Durotherm and Duratherm Inox not only boasts an attractive design, but also has various attractive functional details. The handles, for example, which stay cool throughout the cooking process, or the magnetic food warmer base made of black melamine or stainless steel, which can be attached or removed with ease. Durotherm and Durotherm Inox are compatible with all heat sources including Induction.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Easy
The Kuhn Rikon Easy Induction range of frying pans heat rapidly with optimal heat distribution, making them perfect for egg and vegetable dishes as well as meat and fish. These pans are also great value for money and the ergonomically designed handle gives you a firm grip on your cooking. Perfect for induction cooking, these pans are also at home on other heat sources, including gas and electric. Also available with High Walled Sides or Marble decoration.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Easy Ceramic
The Kuhn Rikon Easy Ceramic Induction Frying Pan is an outstanding and efficient forged pan. Combining a 5.0 mm base with an innovative and environmentally-friendly PTFE- and PFOA- free ceramic coating, which ensures rapid and even heat distribution; this innovative frying pan for the induction stove is also perfectly at home on other heat-sources such as gas and electric.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Hotpan
Kuhn Rikon HOTPAN is made of the finest stainless steel and is suited for all types of stoves and cooking methods. The heat-retaining serving bowl is made of unbreakable plastic. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including deep-freezing, and is dishwasher safe. The HOTPAN cooks with variable heat and is the pot that cooks almost entirely by itself! It carefully prepares meals and keeps them warm for up to 2 hours.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Montreux
The Montreux cookware range embodies everything you imagine in extremely high quality, classic cookware. The embossed Swiss cross on the side handles as well as punched into the steel handles reflects a timeless elegance. The Kuhn Rikon Superthermic® sandwich base distributes heat quickly and evenly.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Silver Star
Kuhn Rikon Silver Star Frying Pans offer high performance cooking on induction and all other heat sources. The 18/10 stainless steel pans will impress the adventurous chef. The highly-efficient super thermic base distributes the heat evenly and the premium coating is extremely resistant due to the titanium hard-base.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Studio
With Kuhn Rikon Studio Cookware your kitchen is optimally provided. The combination of bakelite handles with the mirror polished steel surface are a prerequisite for every kitchen with a touch of style. What ever your needs, Studio offers a practical solution with a wide variety of sizes to accommodate the largest of families. Either glass or stainless steel lids are available.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Swiss Multiply
Kuhn Rikon Swiss Multiply features 3-ply stainless steel with an aluminium core for quick, even heat distribution on both the bottom and sides of the pan. Swiss Multiply is also available with a durable non-stick titanium base. Each style of pan is available in two sizes of 24 and 28cm.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Titanio Star
Kuhn Rikon Titanio Star Collection of frying pans have a long lasting 4 layer non-stick titanium coating making it optimally suited for cooking all food stuffs. The inlaid microscopically small particles in the intermediate layer protects the pan making it scratch, wear and corrosion resistant. The perfect frying pan for all your home uses, whatever your signature dish Kuhn Rikon Titanio Star ensures it will be cooked to perfection every time.

Shop for Kuhn Rikon Woks
Kuhn Rikon Woks in stylish stainless steel or cast iron allow vegetables, meat or fish to be prepared at high temperature in a manner that is both healthy and gentle at the same time. A must in every kitchen Kuhn Rikon Woks are ideal for the cooking of many dishes including traditional Asian dishes.

Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon have been producing innovative cookware from their site in Rikon, Switzerland, for over 100 years. The philosophy is simple, Everyday can be stylish and fun and since the launch of their own design studio in 2004, Kuhn Rikon has become synonymous with Swiss style and functionality. Selecting the right cookware is like choosing the right shoes. It’s no good setting off across a muddy field in kitten heels when a good stout wellie is called for. That Wellington boot doesn’t have to be drab and boring it can be colourful, hardwearing and able to keep it’s good looks, a wellington to rely on. The same can be applied to the pots and pans in your kitchen. If you love colour, then Kuhn Rikon Colori is the perfect choice but you don’t have to compromise on quality to enjoy design. The main Colori collection offers hard wearing 18:10 coloured stainless steels pots and pans in four contemporary colours; anthracite, silver, red or green. Increase the colour palette further with Kuhn Rikon Colori Cucina Non-Stick Induction Pans which offers 5 different vibrant colours of: yellow, green, blue, Fuchsia and red with a black interior non-stick coating. If you don’t like the black interior or prefer a ceramic coated pan, then Kuhn Rikon Colori Cucina Ceramic offers all the same great colours but with a cream ceramic non-stick interior. In recent years, the fashion has moved towards the professional looking black pan. For a light, hardwearing range with a durable non-stick coating the Kuhn Rikon Cucina range is spot on. The outside of the pan is coated in a porcelain enamel ensuring this range will keep its dark good looks for years. The Kuhn Rikon Easy range has two main styles of black frying pan. The plain matt black of the main Easy range and, for those who enjoy individuality, the decorated marble range is quite unique. For serious cooking the Kuhn Rikon Titanio Star range has a 3 ply stainless steel body which heats with even distribution on both the bottom and sides because of the added functionality of the aluminium core. For fast browning the high temperatures reached by the Carbon Steel Black Star range makes it ideal for the serious chef, especially when cooking meat. If you like the black look but prefer a ceramic inner coating, then Kuhn Rikon Easy Ceramic offers you the best of both worlds. The cool black exterior is set off by the environmentally friendly PTFE and PFOA free cream ceramic interior designed to give great heat distribution across the pan. In smaller Kitchens, where storage space is at a premium, the Kuhn Rikon Daily range is perfectly shaped to stack safely away. These stainless-steel pans are supplied with glass lids so no heat is lost by lifting the lids to see the progress of the food preventing unnecessary heat loss and saving energy. To give the widest choice to suit your needs both the Kuhn Rikon Silver Star and Swiss Multiply ranges are available in high quality Stainless Steel either with or without an interior black non-stick coating. For Stews, Casseroles and cookpots Kuhn Rikon offer a number of specially designed ranges. The Kuhn Rikon Hotpan range not only offers a wide variety of sizes in four stunning colours, it also includes the innovative Hotpan bowls which will insulate your food and keep it hot for up to 2 hours, the perfect accessory for entertaining. For another everyday range, which offers everything a chef could need, choose the Montreux cookware range which combines everything you imagine in extremely high quality, classic cookware. The embossed Swiss cross on the side handles as well as punched into the steel handles reflects a timeless elegance. The Kuhn Rikon Superthermic sandwich base distributes heat quickly and evenly. Another understated stainless steel range is the Kuhn Rikon Today range launched in 2016. Simple and elegant with glass lids, the possibilities for soups, casseroles and stews are endless with casseroles ranging from 0.7 litres to the gigantic 14 litre Stockpot, all needs are catered for from a cosy couple to a battalion. For a bit of sparkle Kuhn Rikon Studio has stay cool Bakelite handles set on a highly polished shining stainless steel body. For the top of the range, Kuhn Rikon Durotherm cookware takes the crown. This ingenious Swiss made cookware begins cooking on the stove and finishes at the table, saving energy and locking in flavour and nutrients. The lid sits inside the pan to create a moisture barrier which seals in an energy efficient manner and with a heat retaining magnetic base, you can enjoy your guests while Durotherm cooks and retains heat at the table for up to 2 hours. Kuhn Rikon produces the best known and most sort after pressure cooker in the world. The Duromatic Pressure Cooker now includes the state of the art Duromatic App. Cooking instructions, times, pressure levels and timer can all be regulated via this ingenious App telling you when the meal is ready with minimal effort– just follow the instructions for perfect cooking every time. Other Duromatic pressure cookers work without the App and use up to 70% less energy compared to conventional cooking. Kuhn Rikon is a creative and innovative company dedicated in making the ordinary extraordinary. All Kuhn Rikon pots, pans and pressure cookers are available at Kings and Queens at 20% off Manufacturers Recommended Price.