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20% off all deBuyer  ranges

deBuyer Affinity Collection
The De Buyer Affinity Range uses a multi-layer construction method which sandwiches a layer of Aluminium between two outer layers of Stainless Steel. This unique manufacturing process results in outstanding heat conduction and diffusion giving unrivalled cooking performance whether in a commercial or domestic setting. With tough non-stick coatings available and comfortable stay cool riveted solid cast handles the pans are durable and easy to clean and use. Suitable for all heat sources including induction.

deBuyer Blue Steel Collection
De Buyer steel pans are ideal for high-temperature cooking. The tempered blue steel construction evenly distributes heat for searing, grilling, and browning, resulting in dishes that are deliciously crisp and wonderfully tender. These practical no-frills pans are widely used in professional kitchens as they are ideal for "Flame Cooking", being able to withstand intense heat.

deBuyer Carbone Plus Collection
The Carbone Plus range from De Buyer is made from heavy duty 2.5-3.00cm thick steel. The pans can withstand extremely high temperatures which makes them perfect for sealing, frying and browning. The pans have been designed in the classical "Lyonnaise" shape with extra strong riveted handles. These pans are ideal for high use situations both within professional kitchens and for serious home entertaining.

deBuyer Choc Classic Collection
The Choc Classic series pans are made of 5/32" thick, non-stick aluminum. The flat handle is constructed of iron and is affixed with rivets. The multiple coat PTFE Choc coating is of professional quality and allows for optimum sliding. The exterior bottom is finely grooved to ensure perfect flatness and to distribute the heat evenly.

de Buyer Choc Extreme Collection
de Buyer's Choc Extreme range of die cast aluminium cookware offers good heat distribution allowing for even and controlled cooking. Choc Extreme has a superior quality non-stick coating, guaranteed PFOA-free, reinforced with ceramic and PTFE spraying. The extreme hardness of the cookware ensures it is durable and robust enough for any busy kitchen. Ideal for simmering, reheating, warming, Choc Extreme is a special range for delicate cooking.

de Buyer Choc Resto Induction Collection
de Buyer Choc Resto Induction non-stick pans are a professional range of high quality cookware. The steady increase in temperature and uniform heat distribution makes it Ideal for simmering, reheating, cooking and warming dishes. Guaranteed PFOA-free. The PTFE 5 layer coating is both scratch and heat resistant. With riveted strip handles and French style curving silhouette the pans are both stylish and practical for the serious home chef.

de Buyer Inocuivre Collection
The copper-stainless steel INOCUIVRE De Buyer Range is an assurance of quality cooking with the pans composed of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel. This Combination diffuses heat evenly and quickly: not only on the bottom, but also on the sides ensuring the food is cooked evenly. Ideal for delicate cooking, for sauces and generally for reduction cooking. For all cooktops except induction.

de Buyer Mandolines Collection
The Mandoline has become an essential must have in the kitchen for any serious home cook. This selection from de Buyer offers some of the most sophisticated and practical Mandolines available today. Serve your vegetables and fruit perfectly sliced, cubed or julienned. Create wavy or waffle slices or lozenged food easily and safely. With each piece cut to an identical size everything cooks evenly and is presented on the plate perfectly.

de Buyer Milady Collection
Inspired by Odette de Buyer Mimeure, the de Buyer Milady range is strong, durable and elegant. With curved profiles the pans have a soft edges with no sharp corners. Each pan has a thick solid 7mm base ensuring an even of distribution of heat to ensure perfect cooking results. With ergonomic handles which are curved to protect your hands from the heat, Milady is perfect for the serious home chef.

deBuyer Mineral Collection
de Buyer Mineral B Element cookware is made from 100% natural mineral material. The pans are guaranteed to be without any coating being both PFOA and PTFE free. Each pan has a natural beeswax protection, against oxidation. Mineral B Element reaches high temperatures making them ideal for searing, browning and, Grilling. Suitable for all cook tops including induction.

deBuyer Prima Matera Collection
deBuyer Prima Matera is made from 90% Copper- 10% Stainless Steel. Gloss polished with a stainless steel interior, the special innovative ferro-magnetic bottom makes it suitable for all hotplates including INDUCTION Each pan is finished with riveted ergonomic handles made of cast stainless steel. The unique construction of these pans allows you to enjoy the exceptional degree of conductibility of copper on all types of heat sources.

deBuyer Priority Collection
French-made De Buyer Priority stainless steel pans, boast single-piece construction for stability and even distribution of heat, and are designed to produce taste results comparable to professional-grade copper cookware. Hardwearing, easy to clean and immensely practical these Frying pans,Saute pans, Stewpots and Saucepans will give a lifetime of service even in the most demanding kitchen environments.

de Buyer

Tracing its beginnings back to 1810 the de Buyer family were originally Iron mill owners commissioned to manufacture saucepans and stockpots for a group or artisan designers in the Faymont region of France. By 1867 the de Buyers were manufacturing cookware of their own and from these beginnings the multi-national company was born. In 2009 the Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Industry presented de Buyer with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) award, which has recognised French companies with traditional expertise and industrial excellence for decades. Despite the company’s long heritage it remains a leading light in the development of ever more ground breaking techniques of manufacture to produce the finest cookware available today. De Buyer is used in many professional kitchens across the world and ranges have been designed to with stand the rigors of professional high end restaurant cooking. With ranges such as de Buyer Blue Steel, where the pan is manufactured to withstand intense heat making them ideal for Flame Cooking, the complete pan is made from heavy iron allowing for optimal heat distribution at the highest temperature. De Buyer Carbone Plus is constructed from white iron and is another range also favoured by professional chefs. Carbone Plus has a thickness of 2.5 – 3mm which allows for the perfect distribution of heat across the whole of the surface of the pan. The white iron gives the pan a natural non-stick property while its tolerance of high temperatures makes it an ideal range for caramelisation of juices, searing, grilling and browning. Another iron range is de Buyer Mineral B which is guaranteed to be without any coating (PFOA-and PTFE free) except a natural beeswax protection to guard against oxidation. Made entirely from 100% natural mineral material, this iron range can be used on all cook tops including induction. For a lighter domestic cookware de Buyer Affinity is a 5 layer construction with the outer layers being high quality stainless steel and the 3 middle layers made up of aluminium. The Aluminium heats up quickly, thereby preserving vitamins, cooking evenly and providing a perfect pan for slow-cooked dishes and sauces. The unique construction of de Buyer Affinity means that its perfect for use on all cook tops including induction. Another Stainless steel range is de Buyer Milady. Light, durable and elegantly formed, Milady has soft rounded corners and especially designed ergonomic handles. The solid 7mm base of the pans creates a perfect distribution of heat and ensures perfect cooking results every time. Direct from de Buyer’s Professional Catalogue Priority is an innovative professional standard stainless steel range. Designed to heat rapidly saving time, money and energy, Priority boasts a single-piece construction giving each pan stability and even heat distribution. With riveted stainless steel handles, Priority will give a lifetime of faultless service in the most demanding kitchen. For a hardwearing professional quality non-stick cookware de Buyer Choc Classic has all the features required for high end cooking. The thick aluminium body has a 5 layer PTFE coating giving a long term non stick and scratch resistant life. Moving back to the domestic catalogue de Buyer Choc Extreme has been made with the serious home chef in mind. The pans have a new generation non stick coating with unbeatable shock, abrasion and scratch resistance. The body of the pan is made from thick cast aluminium for even heat distribution and offers the opportunity to cook perfectly without any fats. Ideal for all types of frying and heating, the pans can be used on all cooktops including induction. De Buyer Choc Resto Induction combines all the qualities of Choc Extreme but has been designed especially for Induction cook tops. The curved French style handles ensures that your hands remain away from the heat source and the pans will offer excellent performance for years to come. For those who look for aesthetics as well as functionality it is difficult to match the beautiful copper cookware of de Buyer Inocuivre. Constructed from 90% Copper and 10% stainless steel the range ensures perfect cooking results with an even distribution of heat, not just across the base, but also up the sides of the pans. De Buyers ability to produce pans with a low stainless steel content, which doesn’t detract from the exception thermal conductivity of copper, allows you to enjoy the perfect cooking experience where there is exceptional control over temperature. If you are looking for the beauty of copper in your cookware but wish to cook on an Induction plate de Buyer Prima Marera is the ideal range. The innovative ferro-magnetic bottom ensures the pan will function perfectly on all cook tops. Combining 90% copper with 10% stainless steel you enjoy all the exceptional cooking qualities of copper with the choice of all heat sources for perfect cooking results. To help in the preparation of fruit and vegetables for cooking the de Buyer Mandolines offer professional options. Whether to Julienne, cube, slice waffle cut or lozenge, these multi functional Mandoline slicers offers the very best solutions for even the softest vegetables and fruit. All de Buyer ranges are discounted by 20% at Kings and Queens.