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Up to 70% Off Amefa Cutlery

Amefa Childrens Collection
Little hands are quite different and it's not enough to just scale down adult sized cutlery. The Amefa Childrens range has been ergonomically designed to help young children get to grips with using knives and forks. The ranges have also been designed to appeal to young children with football and animal designs, with more adult designs such as Splash and In The Garden for cutlery just like mummy and daddy.

Amefa Eclat Collection
Amefa Eclat will give your dining room a splash of colour. The high grade stainless steel set features handles in 4 of colours including lime green, Blue, Black and Red. Mix and Match for a multi-coloured dining experience or collect the cutlery which best suits your colour scheme. Amefa Eclat is dishwasher safe and comes with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.

Amefa Fashion Collection
Add a contemporary twist to your table with one of Amefa's Fashion ranges. From on trend rose gold to rustic stone there is a set perfect to set the right mood for any dining occasion. Each boxed set contains 6 knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons, everything you need to entertain in style. Each collection is made from quality stainless steel with an individual finish and is dishwasher safe.

Amefa Masters Collection
Amefa Masters Cutlery are examples of cutlery designs that have transended hundreds of years of changing styles and tastes and have remained instinctively stylish and beautiful. Bead, Dubarry and Harley find their roots in the 1700's but their distinctive shapes and decorations make them as relevent today as when they were first produced. True style and sophistication never age.

Amefa Monogram Collection
Amefa Monogram cutlery combines new century modern with vintage charm. Some of the Monogram designs such as Bead, Harley Dubarry, Rattail and Kings date back to 18th century and other designs such as Bliss, Neptune, Sure, Cane and Carlton are very much of the modern day ensuring whatever your taste and style there is sure to be a design perfect for you.

Amefa Originals Collection
Amefa Originals are a superior quality contemporary cutlery designed to withstand the rigours of 21st century living while offering an aesthetic value to everyday objects. Originals include the following designs: Anise, Juniper and Saffron. Each collection balances form and function to create a cutlery that is both practical for everyday use and beautifully elegant making it ideal for setting the right note for all entertaining occasions.

Amefa Premiere Collection
Amefa Premiere embodies all those things associated with luxury, subtle detailing, understated design and quality. Reassuringly weighty and polished up to 500 times to build up their beautiful shine these are cutlery collections you will want to use everyday as well as being confident that they will allow you to dress your table with style and finesse for even the most important dining occasions.

Amefa retired patterns

Amefa Masters Dubarry Collection
Amefa Masters Dubarry was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2013
Amefa Masters Dubarry Royal cutlery is made from 18/10 stainless steel and comes with a 50 year guarantee. Amefa Masters Dubarry Royal is defined by the small line detailing that follows the outline of each piece. Softly undulating waves and a relaxed traditional style makes Dubarry perfect for today's informal entertaining.
All retired patterns are subject to availability

Amefa Masters Haydn
Amefa Masters Haydn was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2015
Amefa Haydn is part of the Masters Collection which include faithful and time honoured designs which resemble the great classics, outlasting the whims of fashion. Haydn pays homage to patterns such as Bead with a contemporary take on the splayed base of each piece. Styled with a respect for tradition, Amefa Masters Haydn brings to the table a refined signature.
All pieces are subject to availability

Amefa Masters Sophie
Amefa Masters Sophie was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2015
Amefa Masters Sophie is a distinctive designs each with a unique flavour. An assertive pattern with bold detailing at the neck of each piece creating an original decoration. With smooth rounded ends, Amefa Masters Sophie is tableware with a strong personality. Available as loose pieces.
All pieces are subject to availability

Amefa Monogram Austin
Amefa Monogram Austin was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2016
Amefa Monogram Austin is a cutlery reduced to its essence, each piece shows an empathy with purity of line, smooth and without adornment. When less is definitely more, style is simple, subtle and elegant, creating a cutlery collection with a resolutely modern spirit of fine dining. Monogram Austin is available loose or in boxed sets and canteens.
All pieces are subject to availability

Amefa Monogram Dubarry
Amefa Monogram Dubarry was retired by Amefa on 1st January 2017
Amefa Monogram Dubarry.
Amefa Monogram Dubarry cutlery is made from 18/0 stainless steel and comes with a 25 year guarantee. The Dubarry design finds its roots in the classical Georgian period. With a growing trend towards capturing the elegant trends of Baroque decoration in our homes today, this sophisticated design is perfect for all occasions. Amefa Monogram Dubarry is available as sets and as loose pieces.
All Retired Patterns are subject to availability

Amefa Monogram Neptune Collection
Amefa Monogram Neptune was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2013
Amefa Monogram Neptune cutlery is made from 18/0 stainless steel and comes with a 25 year guarantee. Neptune embraces the new wave of modernism. Streamlined and flowing, Neptune simplifies the outline of each piece and allows the design to organically flow without any unnecessary decoration to spoil its characteristic clean profile. Amefa Monogram Neptune is available as sets and as loose pieces.
All retired patterns are subject to availability

Amefa Originals Palmon
Amefa Originals Palmon was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2015
Amefa Originals Palmon design is elegantly simple but stylish in every way. Palmon is beautifully understated cutlery that feels great and looks even better. The banded detail at the neck of each piece lifts it above the ordinary and ensures it is equally home in either a formal or casual setting. Palmon is available as loose pieces, boxed sets and canteens.
All pieces are subject to availability

Amefa Originals Saffron
Amefa Originals Saffron was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2017
Amefa Originals Saffron.
Amefa Saffron cutlery is made from 18/10 stainless steel and comes with a 50 year guarantee. Amefa Saffron cutlery is soft, smooth and so very comfy to hold with a delightfully rounded and charmingly elegant design. The gently dimpled handle gives the cutlery a sense of depth and dependable durability that makes Amefa perfect for all occasions.
All retired patterns are subject to availability

Amefa Originals Wave
Amefa Originals Wave was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2015
Amefa Originals Wave is all about fluid movement represented in organic shapes. The smooth contours of each piece culminate in an angled end which sweeps around the base. Ergonomically designed to be both practical and manoeuvrable in the hand, Amefa Originals Wave is for 21st Century living. Available loose, in boxed sets and canteens.
All pieces are subject to availability

Amefa Premiere Aurora
Amefa Premiere Aurora was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2015
Amefa Premiere Aurora is a sleek modern design with subtle, elegant curves. The quality of the cutlery makes the every day pleasures of good food even more enjoyable. Made from the finest grade 18/10 stainless steel, with a premium gauge and finished to the highest exacting quality standards.
All pieces are subject to availability

Amefa Premiere Vespa
Amefa Premiere Vespa was Retired by Amefa on 1st January 2015
Amefa Premiere Vespa is a classically inspired design with added "Va Va Voom!" Without any natural break between the handle and the blade, bowl or prongs, Vespa sweeps with smooth curves from top to bottom. The elegantly moulded slightly bulbous handle base adds to the overall feeling of liquidity. Available as loose pieces, boxed sets and canteens.
All pieces are subject to availability

Amefa specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality cutlery and cutlery sets. Having done so since 1931, their products continue to stand the test of time. Over the last eighty years, Amefa have built a reputation for creating beautiful cutlery with uncompromising levels of detail and quality. Specialising in cutlery not only for the table, but also use in the kitchen – Amefa have swallowed up a number of brands over the years, including: Couzon, Richardson Sheffield and Médard de Noblat. At Kings & Queens we are proud to stock a wide range of Amefa cutlery online, including their children’s cutlery ranges. All Amefa Cutlery has at least 20% off, and we stock a wide range of retired patterns. One of the bestselling lines is the Amefa Eclat, a stainless steel cutlery set which combines high grade stainless steel with a handles in four different colours, our customers love this product as it quickly injects colour into their kitchens. As always, if you have any questions about any of our ranges, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

2017 sees the extension of many of Amefa's most popular ranges and some brand new collections to choose from. If you're looking for contemporary style which has the "WOW" factor then Amefa's new Fashion Boxed sets offers a wealth of choice. For pure drama and sensational impact Amefa Fashion Midnight is hard to beat. This dark and sultry cutlery stands out on any table. Dress it UP with dark accessories and opulent finishes or dress it DOWN with crisp slate or classic white linens. Either way this bold and elegant collection will be the talk of the table. If you prefer your cutlery with a little decoration the Fashion Honey and Sweetheart sets offer two stunning options. Honey is expertly cut from the finest materials and etched with a charismatic honeycomb pattern. For the romantic at heart, then the Sweetheart Collection, decorated on the handle with a simple heart motif, is perfect for intimate dinners for two or makes a fantastic engagement or wedding gift. For a more relaxed rustic look, Fashion Stone is the perfect choice and looks stunning when combined with tableware which includes natural materials such as wood and simple natural colours, with each piece smoothed to a warm tactile finish. For stunning elegance and a real impact then Amefa's Fashion Blush Cutlery is hard to beat. Each pice has been polished to a high sheen in a warm rose gold finish. Combine with copper tones at the table to really impress your guests.

One of the most popular ranges by Amefa over the past few years has been the stunning and colourful Eclat range. Some of the most popular collections such as Kaleidoscope, Red Dots and the black and white Mono collections are now available as hanging sets. These 24 piece sets are supplied with a stainless steel stand making the cutlery easily accessible and saving valuable space in a busy kitchen. New to Eclat is the stunning Metallics collection. With ABS metallic colour handles, the metallic lustre finish and luxe style is at the forefront of this fashionable trend. Deep and opulent, these 6 shades blend together at the table to add a touch of warmth to both contemporary or refined rich settings. Available as a 24 piece boxed set or as smaller practical sets of teaspoons, butter knives and serving pieces, Eclat Metallics will be the toast of any table.

Amefa have long produced ranges of cutlery especially designed for children. Teaching children to use knives and forks is a struggle for most parents and therefore it is important that children are encouraged to use cutlery that is specifically designed for small hands. The cutlery sets for children over 3 years tend to be scaled down versions of standard cutlery, as by this age, dexterity skills have developed and it is merely the size of the cutlery which needs to be modified. Under the age of 3 children have more difficulty in holding and controlling cutlery so it is important that not only that the cutlery is the right size but that it has been designed to ensure that it helps the development of coordination and control. Amefa have produced 2 cutlery sets for the under 3s where the ergonomically designed handles and balance and weight of the pieces ensure that little hands soon master the necessary skills. Choose from Amefa Childrens Sugar Plum or Sweet Pea sets and watch them master the skills with ease.