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Studio Designs

Anton Studio Designs SoHo
SoHo has an elegant and sophisticated style achieved by the recessed bands of bronze, silver, or gold that encircle the glasses, tying together the clean straight lines of each piece, setting SoHo apart from other glassware and giving it a striking look.

Anton Studio Designs Speckle
These delightful glasses offer an alluring and stylish alternative to standard glassware. With a variety of colours available, the unique pattern of speckles around each piece brings a creative flare to each piece whilst preserving the ability to see the contents of the glass.

Shop for Anton Studio Designs Fizz
These Anton Studio Fizz Glasses are mouth blown and handcrafted. Each glass features a splash of colour and a fantastic fizz bubble effect at the base of each glass. With a contemporary shape and elongated stem, Fizz offers a modern collection in four coordinated colours. Each set is supplied in an attractive giftbox.

Anton Studio Designs Manhattan
The Anton Studio Glass Manhattan Collection has a thick ice stem which provides excellent weight for a well balanced glass that is comfortable to hold. Designed with a smooth voluptuous shape and solid stem for a superb and stylish statement. Each glass is Mouth Blown and handmade by skilled craftsman, and is supplied gift boxed.

Anton Studio Designs Shard
The consecutive hand-cut lines decorating the circumference of each piece are created by skilled craftsmen. An air of elegance is created by the simplicity and flow of the tightly packed lines as they rise and fall around the edge of the glass.

Anton Studio Designs Latitude
Latitude has an air of sophistication and yet modernity owing to the alternating thickness of hand-cut lines in the 24% lead crystal that run vertically and horizontally around each piece, allowing each piece to refract light in a unique and curious manner.

Shop for Anton Studio Designs Loire
Anton Studios Loire Glassware has an unmistakably Retro feel. Embossed with decorative borders each glass is a tactile delight. Available in 3 different glass ranges and four different colourways the collection is ideal to mix match or perfect to coordinate with you own interior colour scheme.

Shop for Anton Studio Designs Savoie
These elegant Anton Studio Savoie glasses offer a traditional pattern design giving them a retro feel. Perfect for a unique addition to your dining table. Each glass has an detailed, decorated relief making each glass a tactile delight. Available as wine goblets and tumblers, Savoie is available in four vibrant colours.

Shop for Anton Studio Designs Camargue
Anton Studio Camargue Glasses are decorated with an Ancient Greek pattern around the glass making it highly tactile and enhancing all the senses. The goblets and tumblers are an ideal size for everyday drinking glasses with a stylish design adding a touch of sophistication to any dining experience.