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Waterford Crystal Lismore
The classically elegant design of the Waterford Lismore Collection, one of the most well-known and popular crystal stemware patterns in the world, has been dazzling crystal connoisseurs for generations with its classic crosshatch design. Available in an extensive range of sizes and types, Lismore offers the most complete suite for all occasions.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Black
The Waterford Lismore Black collection is a fusion of technology and tradition. Rich opaque black colour infuses drama into Lismore, creating a glamourous take on the universally loved classic. Fresh, modern and exciting, the striking contrast of black on clear crystal helps emphasise deep cuts and striking silhouettes. Lismore Black glasses are supplied in pairs in Waterford Gift Boxes.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Cobalt & Red
Waterford Crystal Classic Lismore Cobalt & Red unites classic Lismore design with opulent cased cobalt or Red crystal. The traditional Lismore pattern features wide diamonds at the bottom with straight upright cuts extending from different levels of the diamond band. Wrapped in a deep cobalt blue or Classic Red, the light refraction from this much loved pattern is stunning.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Connoisseur
Premium quality spirits and beers can only be fully and truly appreciated when experienced in the proper glass. Varietal specific stemware and barware is always a hallmark of elegant entertaining and good taste. The Waterford Lismore Connoisseur series is a crowning achievement of crystal craftsmanship and the pinnacle of elite fine whisky and beer enjoyment. With a selection of tumblers, beer glasses and decanters, even the most knowledgeable connoisseur will be satisfied.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Giftware
Having recently marked its 50th Anniversary, the Lismore collection by Waterford is a cause for celebration in its own right. With a wide variety of beautifully crafted Waterford Lismore Crystal Vases, Bowls and Giftware to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect piece.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence
Exquisite and statuesque, the Lismore Essence Collection by Waterford Crystal is a stunning update of the world famous Waterford Lismore crystal collection. Incorporating the classic Lismore collection's distinctive diamond and wedge cut crosshatch pattern in a fresh, slender shape, the Waterford Lismore Essence stemware collection features an oversized bow and a thinner stem.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence Giftware
Lismore Essence is a pattern featuring the signature Lismore cuts on a gracefully curving body. It features the signature open diamond and wedge cuts. Great to mix with your current Lismore pattern too. Here the sophisticated design is available on a selection of giftware.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Pops
Lismore Pops features the brilliance and clarity of the classic Lismore pattern with a dramatic pop of exciting colour. Available in five striking colours – purple, emerald, aqua, orange and hot pink…collect them all for an eye-catching display with your favourite champagne. Fusing a classic heritage pattern with bold coloured accents ensures that this beautiful stemmed drinkware remains a provocative and alluring conversation piece.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Reflections
The Waterford Lismore Reflections range offers a selection of Vases, Bowls and Lamps. Lismore Reflections are made from Crystal glass, with a cut glass design and a bold gold rim. The introduction of the bold gold band is inteneded to add a modern twist to the classic Waterford crystal design. The range combines the classical Lismore design into display items that can suit any room or setting.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Short Stories
Recreating the DNA of the classic Lismore pattern, the Lismore Short Stories collection is a modern reinterpretation of this renowned design. Encompassing two sets of unique mixed tumblers - 'Evolution' and 'Revolution', these designs play with the classic weight and feel of whisky tumblers. Evolution shows the history of how the Lismore pattern has evolved from the first iconic design, Revolution twists and deconstructs the Lismore pattern in four different ways to create a new and exciting way to look at Lismore.

Waterford Crystal Lismore 60th Anniversary
Synonymous with luxury and fine living, the Waterford Crystal Lismore pattern has been Waterford’s pre-eminent design for 60 years. Steadfast in a world of wavering standards, this classic and timeless creation is known and loved the world over. These 60th Anniversary collections includes the new Lismore Diamond pattern, The Lismore 60th Anniversary Religious Collection and Lismore Jubilee.

Waterford Crystal Lismore

Lismore was launched in 1952 and is Waterford’s most recognised patterns and still available more than 60 years later. Inspired by Lismore Castle the leaded windows and turrets have been interpreted in the creation of this finely cut pattern. It is the combination of wedge cuts and open plain diamond cutting, which has become synonymous with the Lismore Collection. The Lismore collection has been the basis for an increasing array of ranges. Waterford Crystal Lismore Connoisseur was launched in 2015 and a range of connoisseur beer glasses added in 2016, is a celebration of whisky and beer drinking for the connoisseur. The Collection offers 7 different tumblers and four Decanters including the very popular Waterford Lismore Connoisseur Mini Ships Decanter. The Lismore Connoiseur Beer Collection includes the four most popular beer glasses including the Pint Glass, ensuring the beer drinker can enjoy all beer types from the delicate Belgian flavours to robust English stouts To celebrate Waterford Crystal Lismore 60th Anniversary a number of commemorative collections were launched in 2013. These Collections include Lismore Diamond and the prestigious Lismore House of Waterford. For those who like coloured glass the Waterford Crystal Lismore Cobalt & Red Collection unites classic Lismore design with opulent cased cobalt or Red crystal. The Lismore Essence collection offers a more contemporary interpretation of the Lismore pattern. With oversized bowls, slender shapes and thinner stems, Lismore Essence combines the heritage of Lismore with a modern twist making it perfect for the modern home. Lismore Essence is available as Stemware, Gifts and, new in 2015, Lismore Essence Gold which adds a touch of sheer opulence and luxury with the inclusion of a 24 carat gold band to the lip of the glass. Ready for Christmas 2016 Lismore Pops will add a pop of colour to your celebrations. These Beautifully cut toasting flutes come in 5 vibrant colours. Fusing a classic heritage pattern with bold coloured accents ensures that this beautiful stemmed drinkware remains a provocative and alluring conversation piece. The popularity of deep rich coloured glass has been a starting point for the design of a new Lismore collection for 2017. The new Waterford Lismore black is a fusion of technology and tradition. The rich opaque black glass emphasizes the deep cuts of the Lismore pattern which are produced against a clear background. For both elegance and drama, Lismore Black has it covered. All Waterford Lismore ranges are discounted by 20% at Kings and Queens.

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