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Dartington Crystal

 Dartington 50th Celebrate
Dartington Crystal Celebrate is a new collection designed by Hilary Green to mark Dartington's 50th anniversary. With flared tops and slender elegant stems the drinkware has been designed to enhance your drinking pleasure. In addition to the barware there is also a sugar bowl and cream jug, so what ever you like to celebrate with, be it champagne or a cup of tea, you can enjoy the luxury of the finest crystal.

 Dartington Trail
Dartington Amphora Vase blends the quality of crystal with a bold, curvaceous design. The Amphora Collection uses Teal, Amethyst and Midnight to provide an interesting contrast. The Amphora Collection would be a well suited to any living room, dining room or hallway. The three Shapes offer match a colour to best suit where you wish to place your vase. Due to the nature of being Hand Crafted, no Vase will be the same.

Dartington Armchair Spirits Collection
Designed by Matthew Persson and winner of Gift of the Year 2008, these crystal glasses, hand crafted in Devon, have been specially designed to enhance your drinking pleasure. The shape of each glass has been specifically created to allow the relaxed enjoyment and soothing sensation of your favourite tipple

Dartington Athena Collection
These handmade crystal bowls have the style and function to meet every need. They make an eye-catching centrepiece for the table and are the ideal accessory for any home. Available in three different sizes.

 Dartington Aurora
Dartington Crystal Aurora Vases have been designed by Emma Irvine. Taking inspiration from nature, the organic shapes and soft muted colours create a contemporary feel which would look good in any environment. Aurora looks fantastic as single pieces but is stunning when displayed as a group, either in a single colourway, or mixed and matched across the collection.

Dartington Bar Excellence Collection
Mixed, stirred, on the rocks or straight up.... whatever your favourite tipple, Bar Excellence has the perfect choice of glasses to ensure that you will always be able to serve it up in style. With their good looks and supreme practicality, every glass is designed to derive maximum enjoyment from a favourite drink.

 Dartington Bijou
Dartington Crystal Bijou Collection is a soft touch of femininity for your home. Dress your room with delicate bottles ideal for storing perfume, light your space with soft glows from the Bijou Votives or create a beautiful flower arrangement in one of the vases. Mix the colours of amethyst, ink blue and clear or create a group in the same colour the choice is yours, make your space beautiful.

Dartington Whisky & Champagne
These refined, pure crystal glasses have been stylishly shaped to reveal the subtle flavours and character of your favourite whisky. While the Champagne Collection is designed to match the quality and indulgence of cocktails or champagne making your enjoyment complete. Made from the finest crystal, these lovely glasses also make the perfect wedding gift.

Dartington Chateauneuf
A selection of lovely, rounded bowls and elegant stems in hand-crafted crystal makes Châteauneuf a simple and appealing choice. The range includes sherry and flute glasses along with three different sized wine glasses, ensuring the right choice for which ever wine you choose to serve.

Dartington Crystal Clock
These eye-catching crystal clocks make the perfect addition to a dressing-table or desk, at home or in the office. Available in both traditional and contemporary designs, these clocks are ideal for engraving to mark a special occasion or commemorate a special event.

 Dartington Combo Candle Block
These Dartington Crystal Combo Candle Blocks are the only candle holder you will ever need. Crafted from pure optical crystal, the aperture is designed to house either a standard tealight for soft romantic lighting, a tall dining room candle for entertaining or a pillar or church candle to light the darkest corner. Supplied in an attractive gift box they make a wonderful gift or addition to your home.

Dartington Crystal Connoisseur Whisky
The Dartington Crystal Connoisseur Whisky Collection has been designed for the enhanced enjoyment of Whisky and is the perfect collection for the true connoisseur. The glass has been designed to help deliver the full array of taste and aroma sensations to the drinker. A solid crystal foot makes it a pleasure to hold and adds an extra feel of luxury.

Dartington Crystal Coral Gallery Collection
Master Nick Davey has used the tropical undersea world as the inspiration for this stunning collection of hand engraved studies. To mark Dartington's 50th anniversary each piece features a gilded starfish representing five decades of crystal excellence. All pieces in the Coral Gallery Collection are limited editions and are beautifully presented in Dartington Crystal Gift Boxes.

Dartington Crystal Curve
Handmade in Devon, these lovely, organically shaped, blown vases are carved at the shoulder and then hand-polished. This technique uses the brilliance of the crystal to impart a fluid feel to Curve.

 Dartington Cushion Vase
Dartington Cushioned Vases look great with or without flowers. Available in 3 colours and 3 sizes they are designed to help ensure any floral display can be showed of to its best advantage. The indented base allows stems to be positioned accurately to create the look you want. Supplied in a Dartington Gift Box, they make a great gift for anyone who enjoys flowers or just appreciates hand crafted crystal at its best.

Dartington Crystal Daisy
In 1974 the Daisy collection was first made in a clear and a midnight coloured glass, with more pieces added to the collection in 1976 and 1977. Now the original clear crystal design has been reintroduced for the 21st century. The quality of design makes this a timeless classic and as relevant for today's interior design trends as it was 40 years ago.

Dartington Crystal Decanters
Created for the storing of wines and spirits, Dartington's range of decanters is handmade in Devon from the finest lead crystal to suit every purpose. The clear lines and clarity of these decanters complement the rich colours of the liquid they hold.

Dartington Crystal Dimple Collection
The luxurious weight of handmade crystal and a tactile dimple base make every drink a true pleasure. Choose between hiballs, tumblers and tankards to compliment you favourite tipple or serve your guests from the elegant decanter. A timeless classic.

 Dartington Dimple Gold
To celebrate Dartington Crystal's 50th anniversary a pattern designed by the legendry designer Frank Thrower has been given a luxurious twist. Dimple was first introduced in 1967 and for 2017 the solid based barware, with it's distinctive dimple, now sports an elegant gold trim to the rims of the tumblers and decanter. This timeless classic is supplied in a Dartington Gift Box and makes a fabulous gift for anyone celebrating a 50th anniversary.

Dartington Crystal Drink! Collection
A great Value Multi purpose crystal glass for every day drinking occasions, with shorter stems giving enhanced suitability for dishwasher use. Drink! glassware is available as sets of 6, giving ultimate practical usage for a very competitive price.

 Dartington Elgin
These stunning Dartington Crystal Elgin Bottles make an eye-catching display. The ball stopper has been created by hand by the craftsmen at Caithness Glass using the rich colours of the bottles to create a unique pattern effect. The bottles look fabulous on their own but also make practical long stem vases and can even be used as a carafe when entertaining guests.

Dartington Crystal Exmoor Collection
Named after the natural beauty of Exmoor in Dartington's North Devon home, this classic Frank Thrower design was first produced in the late 1960s. Each piece is created in Devon and has a mouth-blown bubble captured in the deep crystal base.

 Dartington Finbarr Vases
Dartington Finbarr Bottles are made from 24% lead crystal and have been handblown by Dartington craftsmen in the UK. Each bottle is blown into a metal mould to create unique chill marks on the base. Available in four striking colours of Ink Blue, Midnight, Olive Green and Amethyst, each bottle is supplied in a Dartington Gift Box and make original flower vases or are just as attractive left empty and displayed close to a window or other light source.

Dartington Crystal Flora Collection
Stunning mouth blown and hand finished forms in luxurious crystal. Designed by Hilary Green, this vase is ideal for customisation by engraving or an elegant addition for any home.

Dartington Crystal Florabundance Collection
This unique collection of vases has been designed and shaped to display flowers to optimum effect. Choose the vase that marries perfectly with your favourite flower - from a simple bunch of bluebells to a dramatic spray of lilies.

 Dartington Florabundance Colours
Dartington Crystal have chosen the seven most popular vases from the Florabundance range and recreated them in two different colour options. The dark and dramatic Ink Blue will accentuate the brightness of your golden daffodils or yellow tulips. The Aqua colour options will create a softer feel to your display harmonising with the bark blue bluebells or complimenting pink carnations. Each Florabundance Colours Vase is supplied in a Dartington Crystal Box.

Dartington Crystal Fortuna Collection
Perfect for display or practical, everyday use, these classic crystal bowls are designed to take centre stage. Handmade in Devon from the finest crystal, they are the perfect centrepiece for any home.

Dartington Crystal Glitz Collection
The glamorous glasses of the Glitz collection look stunning on any dinner table. These handmade crystal glasses are finished with individual elements of crystal from the world-renowned Swarovski. They have been securely fused by professional glass engineers for high durability and unparalleled quality. Sold as a pair, these crystal glasses are presented in a smart gift box.

 Dartington Glitz Gold & Silver
Dartington Crystal Glitz Gold and Glitz Silver add the ultimate extra touch of luxury to the popular Glitz range. Each glass is decorated with beautiful Swarovski crystal elements, but in this range, the glass lip is adorned with either a band of Gold or Silver. Supplied in pairs all Glitz Gold and Glitz Silver pairs are supplied in a Dartington Glitz contemporary gift box.

 Dartington Glitz Noir
Dartington Crystal Glitz Noir is a glamorous and grownup interpretation of the popular Glitz range. Sophisticated and elegant, Glitz Noir is perfect for evening entertainment when the Swarovski elements, used to decorate the range, can shimmer and shine against the rich black background. The sleek black bowls are contrasted with clear crystal stems and bases.

Dartington Crystal Jug Collection
Made by hand and finished in Devon by skilled craftsmen, this range of crystal jugs is perfect for any setting, from the kitchen to the dining table. Be it breakfast juice or evening cocktails, you can serve all your drinks in style.

 Dartington  Just For You
Whatever the occasion Dartington Crystal's Just for You range offers a selection of personalised gifts perfect to mark any special celebration or to show how much you care for someone special. Birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are all celebrated with these beautifully engraved crystal glasses. Each glass is supplied in an attractive gift box making them easy to give and a delight to receive.

Dartington Crystal Lynton Collection
These Crystal bowls are handmade in Torrington, North Devon and make a stunning gift. Practical, functional and attractive they are suitable for engraving making them perfect for marking a special occasion or commemorating an event.

Dartington Crystal Marguerite Collection
These retro style Marguerite Vases from Dartington have been relaunched from 1978 and are designed by Frank Thrower. Handmade in Devon, these lovely crystal vases are embossed with a Marguerite Daisy design. Available in Teal, Black or Smoke each colourway is also available in 2 different sizes.

Dartington Crystal Opus Collection
Clear, handmade crystal and sleek contemporary lines look great in any setting. Create the right mood for your home with these simple, functional vases. Available in three sizes they are perfect as a special gift or an elegant addition to your home.

 Dartington Origin
Dartington Crystal Origin offers the best quality lead crystal stemware designed to enhance your enjoyment of every drink. Using classic shapes each glass has been developed to offer perfect balance and crystal clarity, ensuring every sip is a pleasure. Supplied in Dartington Crystal Boxes, each glass is sold individually so whether as a special glass for yourself or a gift for someone special you can rely on Dartington Craftsmanship to deliver the best quality. Made in the UK

Dartington Crystal Rachael Collection
Created in Devon, Rachael makes the perfect choice for every occasion. Tall, slim and elegant, this range of handmade wine glasses and accessories is a real pleasure to use. The Rachael collection includes a decanter and a selection of jugs.

Dartington Crystal Sharon Collection
Sharon is a classic design of impeccable vintage, created in 1971 by Frank Thrower. This handmade crystal collection continues to attract many admirers. Simple, yet elegant and timeless, it features a unique teardrop bubble in each stem.

Dartington Crystal Tankard Collection
Handmade in Devon, these crystal tankards make the ideal gift for those who appreciate the flavours of the finest beer, real ale or lager. From traditional to a more contemporary feel, Dartington tankards are designed to enhance the beer drinking experience.

 Dartington Tony Laithwaite Signature
Created in collaboration with one of the world's most respected names in wine. The Dartington Crystal Tony Laithwaite Signature Series enhances the enjoyment of any good wine. Each glass has been designed to incorporate the "Laithwaite Lip" making them a pleasure to drink from and allowing you to fully enjoy the bouquet. Each glass carries the "Tony L" signature on the foot as a mark of authenticity.

 Dartington Trail
Dartington Trail Vase blends the quality of crystal with a bold, curvaceous design. The Trail Collection uses shades of Teal and Amethyst to provide an interesting contrast. The Trail Collection would be a well suited to any living room, dining room or hallway. The two Shapes offer a choice in either colour to best suit where you wish to place your vase. Due to the nature of being Hand Crafted, no Vase will be the same.

 Dartington Whisky
The Dartington Whisky combines the beauty of Dartington crystal with unique designs created to enhance the pleasure of enjoying a Wee dram whether you are a connoisseur or drink for pleasure. Each pair of glasses are supplied in Dartington Crystal gift box and make an ideal present for any occasion. All glasses are hand made in the UK.

Dartington Crystal Wine Debut Collection
Versatile and highly practical, Wine Debut helps to make the enjoyment of wine a simple and relaxed experience. These high-performance crystal glasses are tough, durable and dishwasher-safe. Wine Debut is ideal for everyday use, but offers you the choice of shapes to meet every wine drinking need.

Dartington Crystal Wine Master Collection
The perfect choice for wine connoisseurs, each glass has been shaped to enhance the wine tasting experience. These benefits have been recognised and endorsed by Joe Wadsack - one of today's leading professional wine tasters and presenters.

Dartington Crystal WWW. Collection
This set of 3 Dartington WWW. glasses are a novel but practical gift idea. As a stemless wine glass or a utility tumbler this set of 3 glasses has many uses and advantages. Easy to store, use inside or outdoors and will easily fit in your dishwasher. Supplied in an attractive sleeve box for a great gift solution.

Dartington Glass

 Dartington Brew Craft
Once upon a time all beer was drunk either from a tankard or pint pot and was considered a working mans drink. Now with the introduction of craft and specialist beers it is understood that each brew is different and, like wine, is best enjoyed from a specialist glass. Dartington Brew Craft offers the ideal glass for the beer connoisseur, whether a light lager or rich dark stout, Brew Craft offers the perfect glass for the job.

 Dartington Celebrate Collection
Special Anniversaries deserve special gifts to mark them and Dartington's Celebrate Collection offers 4 different pieces each decorated to mark 50, 40 and 25 year anniversaries. With silver decoration for 25 years, ruby for 40 years and gold 50 years they make the perfect gift which will be treasured forever. Each piece in the Celebrate Collection is supplied in a Dartington Gift Box.

 Dartington Circle Collection
Dartington Circle is designed by Hilary Green. The deep concentric circles formed into the heavy base gives a tactile and optical quality, making this hand- made glass range is a pleasure to use and a great gift. It can also be engraved with a personalised message for that extra special gift. Circle is supplied in a Dartington Gift Box.

 Dartington Drinking Gifts Collection
A good drink tastes even better in the right glass. Whether you are a connoisseur or a new enthusiast, these speciality drinking gifts will help to give you the edge. Designed by Matthew Persson, each glass comes with its own presentation container making them great gifts.

 Dartington Flower Bottles Collection
With or without flowers, this fabulous new collection of vases, bowls, reed diusers and candles are designed by Hilary Green and make a great addition to any home décor. In brilliant, vibrant colours, each bottle and bowl is accentuated by its very own flower motif, making it hard to resist any of them.

 Dartington Glass Flower Garden
Dartington Flower Garden is designed for you to bring the outside indoors. A collection or organically shaped vases and jug which are ideal for creating natural floral displays for your home. Each vase has been designed to bring out the best from your arrangements from a simple single stem to a cascading arrangement of wild flowers. Let you imagination and artistic eye have free rein and decorate your home with these beautiful vases and your favourite flowers.

 Dartington Flower Jugs
Dartington Flower Jugs combine beautifully handcrafted shapes with practicality to create a collection which can be used in the kitchen or at the table to serve everything from cream in your coffee to sauces and gravy with your evening meal. Combining striking colours and hand applied flower motifs they also make fabulous informal flower vases.

 Dartington Glass Fusion
Dartington Fusion Bowls are a multi-functional solution to entertaining. Each glass bowl sits in an oiled beech stand making it easy to pass around the table and is ideal for snacks and dips. Available as either a single bowl or as a set of 3, Fusion is stylish and practical and a great addition to any buffet. All Fusion bowls are supplied in a Dartington Gift Box.

 Dartington Glass Gin Connoisseur
The Dartington Gin Connoisseur Collection is the perfect addition for the Gin enthusiast. The Weighted Base of the glasses allows the glasses to sit in the hand with ease while also looking appealing on the eye. However you like your Gin served with Ice and a slice, Gin Connoisseur offers you the perfect glass.

 Dartington Glass Home Bar
The Dartington Home Bar Collection is the perfect addition to any Home. A Solid Base and Sleek design allows for functional use, along with the ability to impress guests. Each Glass Comes as a gift Boxed Set of 4 and makes the perfect present for someone special. From Champagne to soft drinks Home Bar is perfect whatever the occasion.

 Dartington Perfect Beer
The Dartington Perfect Beer Collection creates ergonomic design for your favorite Beer, Larger or Cider. Also included in the range is a Tankard. The range of glasses can be the perfect gift or ideal for use around the home.

 Dartington Robyn Jugs
When space is at a premium the Dartington Glass Robyn Jugs offer the perfect solution. Without a handle the jug is easy to store and takes up less room at the table. Designed to offer multifunctional uses, Robyn Jugs are available in 3 sizes making them a great choice for serving everything from cream with your coffee to wine. These jugs also make fabulous flower vases.

 Dartington Serenity
The Dartington Serenity Collection puts a modern twist on the Candle Holder, perfect for any location around the home. The Sleek design puts emphisis on bringing the best out of the Candle of choice. The Classic nature of the collection allows various colours of candle.

 Dartington Glass Tankard Collection
Whether to mark a special birthday, as a gift for someone special or just because drinking beer from a tankard makes it taste better, Dartington's Glass Tankards are perfect to enhance your favourite tipple. Available in both contemporary and traditional shapes, the Tankards are perfect for you to appreciate the flavours of the finest beer, real ale or lager.

 Dartington Glass Totem
The Dartington Totem Collection is the perfect addition to any home. Designed by Hilary Green, the nature of the design uses light to best display your item of choice. The wide range of choice allows for the ideal size to be place placed in the desired location in the home. Family and Friends will be impressed by the simplistic yet effective design.

 Dartington Glass Wine & Bar Essentials Collection
Wine & Bar is the easy way to enjoy any drink, the finest wine, a relaxing G&T or a great glass of beer. This high quality, dishwasher-safe glassware makes every sip a simple pleasure.

 Dartington Zest
The Dartington Zest Carafe and Tumbler Set has been designed to fit any situation whether serving soft drinks to guests in the garden, as a water set for the table or a convenient way of having fresh drinks at the office. Each tumbler has been hand crafted and the carafe has been sculptured to ensure it is easy to hold and pour. Supplied in a carry handle box it is a thoughtful and practical gift.


Dartington Glass was established in 1967 but its conception and the reason for its eventual existence dates back to the 1920s. Beginning with a wealthy American heiress and her Yorkshire man husband; Dorothy and Leonard Elmhurst, the Dartington Hall Trust was established at Dartington Hall in Devon. Their vision was to help regenerate the economic prosperity of the rural areas which had suffered badly in the depression. The couple believed that through education, art and local crafts the region could return to more prosperous times. During the 1950s there was an ever increasing migration of the local population towards big cities in search of work and the Trust felt by offering employment within the South West this depopulation could be slowed. It was from this that Dartington Glass was conceived and the factory opened in 1967. To begin with Eskil Vilhemson, a Swedish Glass Manufacture was bought in to run the business and in turn he employed Scandinavian Glass Blowers to produce modern and contemporary glass products. These glass blowing skills were soon taught to the local population and the company continued to expand adding more home produced crystal products to their range until the company was renamed Dartington Crystal. The Scandinavian design philosophy of simple unadorned form and the marriage of function with aesthetic beauty is still seen in the products produced by Dartington today.